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Funny Quotations from Igor

Igor is an animated family comedy about Igor, a sidekick of an evil scientist. The film follows the life of Igor as he tries to become an acclaimed evil scientist by winning first place at the Evil Science Fair. Directed by Tony Leondis. Starring the voices of John Cusack, Jennifer Coolidge, Eddie Izzard, and Molly Shannon.

Even though Igor was a complete flop at the box office, it still brings a few laughs to the crowds. It's a nice movie to watch on a boring night. Sit back and relax and read some of these humorous quotes from the film.

Mad Scientist: Pull thee switch!
Mad Scientist: Igorrrrrrr!
Igor: Sorry, master. I was in the bathroom. Had a bat stuck in the belfry if you know what I mean.
Igor: I'm sick of being treated like just another Igor.
Mad Scientist: Igor's don't think! [throws object and it hits Igor's head]
Igor: If I had my shot at the science fair, I'd have the greatest invention of all time!
Guard: [while holding Igor] Heh, and Igor inventing.
Igor: I created life!
Eva: Rawrrrrrrrrr!
Igor: Maybe I did too much.
Eva: Was I too much? I was pushing, wasn't I?
Igor: Are you actually trying to hypnotise me, Brain?
Brain: Yeeeeeeessss.... but if that's not working then how about this? [smacks Igor in the head]
Brain: Aw, blind orphans get everything!
Brain: Our work here is done.
Scamper: "Our work"? You spent the whole time playing with a piece of ribbon.
Eva: [Watching Igor chase Brain with an ax] Which play are they rehearsing?
Scamper: It's called "Brain Dead."
[Igor continues chasing Brain]
Scamper: It should be a smash.
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