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Funny Quotations from Hotel for Dogs

Hotel for Dogs is a children's comedy film about two orphans who try to hide their dog from their foster parents at an abandoned hotel. The story follows the many crazy things the dogs do and all the ways the children must keep the hotel quiet and the dogs away from their guardians. Directed by Thor Freudenthal. Starring Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, and Troy Gentile. Based on the 1971 novel "Hotel for Dogs".

Hotel for Dogs is a humorous movie great for the entire family, especially children of young ages. Read on for some hilarious quotes from the film.

Lisa Scudder: We have rules, and you know them. No dogs allowed!
[dog licks spoon]
Lisa Scudder: [licks spoon] Needs cinnamon.
Bruce: Think they belong to anyone?
Andi: If they did, would they be here?
Bruce: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Andi: Oh yeah, why don't we just wonder the streets and rescue every stray we see.
Andi: Do you know what happens if we get caught in here?
Andi: You know, I think we might be in a little over our heads.
Dave: It's four-six; we're out dogged.
Lois Scudder: I'm suing you, I'm suing the state, I'm suing those kids, I'm suing the people who make shrink wrap!
Bruce: If you look at it, dogs have three basic needs. That's- that's eatting, sleeping, peeing and pooping.
Andi: That's four.
Bruce: No, I think peeing and pooping is one.
Heather: Uh, I've stepped in both and I have to disagree.
Bernie: You sold a guy a rock in a box for $20.
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