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Quotations from The Haunting of Molly Hartley

The Haunting of Molly Hartley is a supernatural horror film about a girl whose parents want her to live only until she is eighteen, or else she will turn into the devil. The girl's entire life is turned upside down until she realizes what is happening to her. Even then, the people she once loved are now trying to kill her. Directed by Mickey Liddel. Starring Haley Bennett, Chace Crawford, and AnnaLynne McCord.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley is a great horror film with many fantastic lines. Read some quotes from the film below.

[from trailer]
Molly Hartley: [on the phone] Dad? Could you come pick me up?
Father: Are you safe?
Molly Hartley: Yeah. I'm safe.
Father: I'm on my way.
[hangs up and Molly is attacked instantly]
[from trailer]
Molly Hartley: [enters the bathroom and sees her mom on the floor] Mom?
Mrs. Hartley: Pray with me, honey. Close your eyes.
Molly Hartley: [closes her eyes] Forgive me, father. For I have sinned.
Mrs. Hartley: Just close your eyes. I'm sorry.
[lifts an axe and slashes at Molly]
[from trailer]
Laurel: You have a great power in front of you.
Molly Hartley: I don't want it.
Laurel: But you will.
Robert Hartley: You feelin' alright?
Molly Hartley: [cynical] This uniform makes me nauseous, if that's what you mean.
Robert Hartley: I think you look pretty.
Joseph Young: Usually, I'm pretty good at this.
Molly Hartley: At what?
Joseph Young: Flirting. I guess... No one normally gets hurt though.
[helping her up]
Molly Hartley: I am fine. No permanent damage.
Joseph Young: Good. Ditching class on the first day, I see. That's pretty bold.
Laurel: [scared as the truck speeds up] Let me out of this car!
Father: The darkness is coming for you.
Laurel: Let me out!
Dr. Emerson: Congratulations, Molly.
Molly Hartley: Thank you.
Dr. Emerson: See you soon.
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