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Funny Quotations from Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2 is a comedy film about a high school in Arizona. The story is about a recovering alcoholic and failed actor who decides to make a sequel to the "Hamlet" play, by adding Jesus, time traveling, and many other crazy things. Directed by Andrew Fleming. Starring Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler, and David Arquette.

Hamlet 2 is a hilarious movie about something which would probably never happen, but is fantastic to think about. It's a film great for young adults and anyone who wants a few stupid laughs. Read below for some humorous quotes from the movie.

Dana Marschz: Theater has the power to transform the audience.
Dana Marschz: Just because they're Latinos it doesn't make them gang-bangers, got it?
Dana Marschz: [walks through the door and slams his hand in it] Oh, oh my God!
Student 1: Is he acting?
Student 2: No, he's not that good.
Dana Marschz: You can't stop art!
Principal Rocker: You have Satan french kissing the President of the United States of America!
Dana Marschz: Jesus is sexy to you. Which leads us onto the musical enterlude, "Rock Me Sexy Jesus".
Dana Marschz: Chuy, you're going to have a magical life. Because no matter where you go, it's always going to be better than Tucson.
Cricket Feldstein: You wanna hit me? I would love it if you hit me! I'm married to a Jew, I've got nothing to lose!
Dana Marschz: I work for gas money! That's why I'm always on rollerskates.
Dana Marschz: It's getting late... and my wife is ovulating.
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