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Quotations from Halloween II

Halloween II is a horror film remake of the original Halloween series. However, the director, Rob Zombie, changed several aspects of the film, including adding more psychological aspects. The movie follows the aftermath of the previous film, while Dr. Loomis is attempting to get money and fame by publising a book about the events. Directed by Rob Zombie. Starring Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, and Sheri Moon Zombie.

Halloween II is a different look at what happens after the events of the first film compared to the original version. Read some quotes below to find out some of the differences this horror flick has to offer.

Dr. Samuel Loomis: [in a press conference] Let me make this clear: Michael Myers is dead! D-E-A-D!
Barbara Collier: [from trailer] So, how are you feeling?
Laurie Strode: Nightmares are chewing at my head again... they just seem to be getting worse.
Laurie Strode: [from trailer] I'm not me.
Mya Rockwell: Who are you, then?
Laurie Strode: I'm Michael Myers' sister.
Annie Brackett: [to Laurie] You act like your the only one who's life got trashed.
'Clown' boy: [spotting Michael Myers] Are you a giant?
Laurie Strode: [about Michael Myers] I know he's not gonna come back just because of some stupid holiday.
Laurie Strode: [walking town a road covered in blood] I killed him... I killed him...
Sheriff Lee Brackett: [confronting Laurie] Who did you kill, sweetie? Who did you kill?
Laurie Strode: ...I killed him.
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