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Quotations from Gladiator

Gladiator is an action-adventure drama about a Roman general, Maximus, whose family is murdered by the emperor's son and is forced into the arena as a gladiator. The film begins with Maximus being chosen as the next emperor instead of the emperor's son. This causes the son to act out and cause Hell all around Maximus. Directed by Ridley Scott. Starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielsen. This film won five Oscar awards, including Best Actor and Best Picture.

Gladiator is a beloved film by everyone who loves films about Rome, action, and those who simply love Russell Crowe. Read quotes from this fantastic drama packed movie below.

Maximus: My name is Gladiator.
Gracchus: I don't pretend to be a man of the people. But I do try to be a man for the people.
Quintus: People should know when they are conquered.
Maximus: Would you, Quintus? Would I?
Gracchus: The Senate is the people, sire. Chosen from among the people, to speak for the people.
Maximus: I am required to kill, so I kill. That is enough.
Proximo: That's enough for the provinces, but not enough for Rome.
Maximus: I would find it difficult to do your duty.
Cicero: Sometimes I do what I want to do. The rest of the time, I do what I have to.
Marcus Aurelius: And what is Rome, Maximus?
Maximus: I've seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark, Rome is the light.
Gracchus: He enters Rome like a conquering hero. But what has he conquered?
Falco: Give him time, Gracchus. He's young, he may do very well.
Gracchus: For Rome? Or for you?
Commodus: The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor. Striking story! But now, the people want to know how the story ends. Only a famous death will do. And what could be more glorious than to challenge the Emperor himself in the great arena?
Maximus: You would fight me?
Commodus: Why not? Do you think I am afraid?
Maximus: I think you've been afraid all your life.
Gracchus: He will bring them death, and they will love him for it.
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