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Quotations from Gentleman's Agreement

Gentleman's Agreement is a 1947 romantic drama about a reporter who pretends to be Jewish in order to cover a story about anti-Semitism. During the process, the reporter learns the truth about bigotry and hatred against the Jewish people and others. This film won three Oscar awards, including Best Director and Best Picture. The movie is directed by Elia Kazan. Starring Gregory Peck, Dorothy McGuire, and John Garfield.

Gentleman's Agreement is a classic that will continue to be viewed for decades to come. Read some quotes from this great movie below.

Phil Green: No, no, I'm fine. I just wish I was dead is all.
John Minify: I wouldn't call a dog Schuyler.
Phil Green: You want the moon!
John Minify: yeah!... with parsley.
Phil Green: Some people hate Catholics, some people hate Jews.
Tommy Green: And no one hates us because we're Americans.
Phil Green: So far I've been digging in facts and data-I've sort of been ignoring feelings.
John Minify: I've asked Phil to do a piece on anti-Semitism.
Kathy Lacey: Am I going to get a credit line?
John Minify: You? Why?
Kathy Lacey: Well, don't you remember last winter when that Jewish schoolteacher resigned, and I...
John Minify: Oh, yes. Well, I knew somebody would be asking me for a credit line. I'm always stealing ideas without realizing it.
Kathy Lacey: That's what makes your magazine so original.
Anne Dettrey: I know dear, and some of your other best friends are Methodist, but you never bother to say it.
Mrs. Green: You think there's enough anti-Semitism in life already without people reading about it?
Phil Green: No, but this story is doomed before I start. What can I say about anti-Semitism that hasn't been said before?
Mrs. Green: Maybe it hasn't been said well enough. If it had, you wouldn't have had to explain it to Tommy right now.
Tommy Green: They called me a dirty Jew and a stinking kike, and they all ran away.
Kathy Lacey: Oh, darling, it's not true. You're no more Jewish than I am. It's just some horrible mistake.
Phil Green: Kathy!
Kathy Lacey: You can't help that you were born Christian instead of Jewish. It doesn't mean you're glad you were. But I am glad. There, I said it.
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