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Quotations from Frozen River

Frozen River is a crime drama set just days before Christmas in a Mohawk reservation along the Canadian border between New York and Quebec. The film follows the life of a woman who meets a Mohawk woman who is involved in the smuggling of illegal immigrants across the border. After seeing the financial possibilities of the crime, she decides to join in. Directed by Courtney Hunt. Starring Melissa Leo, Misty Upham, and Charlie McDermott. This film was nominated for two Oscars.

Frozen River is a fantastic movie set during the holiday season. Read some great quotes from the film below.

Ray: I don't know how he found it, T.J.
T.J.: Found what? The money?
Ray: I locked it in my glove compartment.
T.J.: That was stupid.
Ray: Yeah, I see that now, but the trucks were coming before the bank opened.

T.J.: Another Christmas in the tin crapper.

Ricky: Is it here?
Ray: Hey, little sleepy head.
Ricky: Is it here yet? 'Cause I'm ready.

Versailles: Have you got the $4372 or not?
Ray: It was some emergency with the lifts. So he took off without thinking with the money. Completely forgot you were coming. So as soon as he gets back-
Versailles: When's he gonna get back?
Ray: As soon as he can get here, I'll just run it down to you.

T.J.: My mom told me to give you her credit card number.
Rentcenter man: We only take cash or money orders.

T.J.: Where'd you get that?
Ray: Matt made me an assistant manager.
T.J.: No way.
Ray: Is that so hard to believe?

Ricky: Daddy is gettin' me that for Christmas.
T.J.: What about Santa Claus?
Ricky: He's bringing the new house.

Ray: Oh shit. What do I do?
Lila: Calm down. Just pull over.
Ray: What if he saw us go by before. To Bob's.
Lila: He's got no reason to stop us, unless you give him one, so keep your mouth shut.

Jimmy: Heat wave!
Lila: You got a run for us, Jimmy?

Jimmy: Hi mom.
Velma: Jimmy, I told you not to bring no more half frozen people in here off the river.
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