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Quotations from Duplicity

Duplicity is a romantic thriller about two corporate spies who are against each other, but have a heated romantic past. Ray works for MI6 and Claire works for the CIA. Claire dumped Ray five years ago, but they see each other five years later. Working for new bosses who hate each other, the two work against each other while trying to keep their passions out of it. Directed by Tony Gilroy. Starring Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, and Tom Wilkinson.

Duplicity is one of those romantic films that are great for Valentine's day if you don't wish to punish your husband with a chick flick. Read some great quotes from the film below.

Ray Koval: Remember me?
Ray Koval: This wasn't an accident, was it? Being here, meeting like this.
Claire Stenwick: Can you imagine living like this? How much do you think you'd need?
Ray Koval: 20 million?
Claire Stenwick: I was thinking 40.
Ray Koval: So what did you do to get 40 million dollars?
Claire Stenwick: I took a job in counter-intelligence for Burkett and Randle.
Richard Garsik: My god, he is going to crush me.
Claire Stenwick: It's a total corporate death match. The competition will do anything to get their hands on this.
Claire Stenwick: You on one side, me on the other. It's perfect.
Ray Koval: You know what I think?
Claire Stenwick: I think you like the idea.
Claire Stenwick: Now all we have to do is find that product. We get there first we'll make a fortune.
Ray Koval: I think I found a way in.
[Ray Koval walks in and spills Barbara Bofferd's drink]
Ray Koval: Excuse me. What was it before I got here?
Barbara Bofferd: Appletini.
Ray Koval: YouWell that sounds good.
Claire Stenwick: You're unbelievable.
Ray Koval: It was an assignment, it was nothing!
Claire Stenwick: Well you should see the pictures.
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