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Funny Quotations from Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie is a comedy film about an unsuspecting group of 20-somethings finding themselves bombarded by natural disasters and catastrophic events. The film is often seen as one of the worst movies of all-time, but there are some areas which are quite hilarious. It is a parody of the many different films which came out in 2008 and 2007, but also touches on some much older ones.

Below you'll find some of the more humorous quotes from the lines of Disaster Movie.

[from trailer]
Iron Man: I am Iron Man.
[cow falls on him]
[from trailer]
Hancock: Hell naw. I'm outta here.
[flies up and bumps his head on a lamppost]
[from trailer]
Girl: Hannah Montanah is dead!
Hannah Montanah: Goodbye my friends. Keep rockin! And don't forget to buy my two new CDs, in stores now!
Giselle: Where am I? What is this enchanting place?
[Gets run over by a taxi]
Carrie Bradshaw: Hello, lover.
[upon seeing a taxi cab turn a corner]
Enchanted Princess: And what magical creature are you?
[gets hit by the taxi]
Juney: Time to get this sea monkey plastered.
McLover: I am McLover! I am McLover!
Batman: Hi.
Enchanted Princess: Hi!
Batman: I'm Batman.
Enchanted Princess: [deep voice] I'm Enchanted Princess!
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