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Quotations from Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder is a mystery-crime thriller about an ex-tennis pro who tries to blackmail someone to kill his wife, because he wants her fortune. Of course, not everything goes as planned. She has been cheating on him, and blackmailing never is agood way to go about something. The tennis-pro is forced to go about it using plan B. This film is directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It stars Ray Milland, Grace Kelley, and Robert Cummings.

Dial M for Murder is a fantastic thriller, one of the greatest of all-time. It's everything you'd want from a Hitchcock film. Read some quotes from the film below.

Tony Wendice: What makes you think he came in by this door?
Chief Insp. Hubbard: His shoes.
Tony Wendice: His shoes?
Chief Insp. Hubbard: The ground was soaking wet last night. If he'd come in by the garden, he'd have left mud all over the carpet. As it is, he didn't leave any marks at all, because he wiped his shoes on the front doormat.
C.A. Swan: When would this take place?
Tony Wendice: Tomorrow night.
C.A. Swan: Tomorrow? Not a chance! I've got to think this over.
Tony Wendice: It has to be tomorrow. I've arranged things that way.
C.A. Swan: Where?
Tony Wendice: Approximately where you're standing now.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: Sooner or later, he'll come back here. As I've pinched his latch key, he'll try the one in the handbag. When that doesn't fit, he'll realize his mistake, put two and two together, and look under the stair carpet.
Mark Halliday: If he doesn't do that, all of this is pure guess work. We can't prove a thing.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: That's perfectly true. But once he opens that door, we shall know everything.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: Good morning, Sir. I'm Chief Inspector Hubbard, in charge of criminal investigation of this division.
Tony Wendice: Oh, I think we gave your sergeant all the necessary information.
Margot Mary Wendice: Anyone would have realized he was dead. Just one look at those staring eyes...
Chief Insp. Hubbard: So you did see his face, after all.
Margot Mary Wendice: I saw his eyes! I can't remember his face!
Margot Mary Wendice: Why did you bring me here?
Chief Insp. Hubbard: Because you were the only other person who could possibly have left that key outside. I had to find out if you knew it was there.
Margot Mary Wendice: Suppose I had known?
Chief Insp. Hubbard: You didn't.
C.A. Swan: May I see your bank statement?
Tony Wendice: By all means. Don't touch.
Tony Wendice: It's funny to think that just a year ago, I sat in that Knightsbridge Pub actually planning to murder her. And I might have done it, if I hadn't seen something that changed my mind.
C.A. Swan: Well? What did you see?
Tony Wendice: I saw you.
Chief Insp. Hubbard: There is evidence however that he was blackmailing you.
Tony Wendice: Blackmail?
Mark Halliday: Yes, I'm afraid it's true, Tony.
Tony Wendice: As you said Mark, it might work out on paper, but congratulations, Inspector. Oh, by the way... How about you, Margot?
Margot Mary Wendice: Yes, I could do with something.
Tony Wendice: Mark?
Mark Halliday: So could I.
Tony Wendice: I suppose you're still on duty, Inspector.
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