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Quotations from Das Boot

Das Boot is an action-adventure drama about a World War II German U-boat and its crew. The movie goes through the lives of the crew's boredom, filth, and terror as it sails across the ocean. This film is directed by Wolfgang Peterson, based off the novel by Lothar G. Buchheim. Starring Jürgen Prochnow, Herbert Grönemeyer and Klaus Wennemann.

Das Boot is a fantastic German film. It's seen as one of the most authentic World War II movies of all-time. Read some quotes from it below.

Heinrich: Noooo! Second contact closing fast, bearing 076!
Captain: Damn them! Another one!
Captain: They won't catch us this time! Not this time! They haven't spotted us! No, they're all snoring in their bunks! Or, you know what? They're drinking at the bar, celebrating our sinking! Not yet, my friends. Not yet!
Pilgrim: Hey, have you got any hairs up your nose?
Frenssen: Why?
Pilgrim: I've got some up my ass. Maybe we can tie them together?
Capt. Lt. Philipp Thomsen: Hail and victory and sink 'em all!
Kriechbaum: Thank you, Heinrich.
Heinrich: Don't mention it. Look, the sun's still shining.
Heinrich: Lift him!
Captain of the 'Weser': [to 1WO] Welcome aboard the Weser, Herr Kapitänleutnant.
[2WO stifles a laugh]
1st Lieutenant: No, not me. This is the Captain.
Captain of the 'Weser': [to the Captain] Ah. My apologies.
Captain: [entering the bar with Werner and the LI] Merkel's boys. They ship out tomorrow, too. Scared fuckers. They need sex as much as the infantry needs alcohol.
Lt. Werner: What's going on? Why are we diving?
2nd Lieutenant: Hydrophone check. At sea, even in a storm you can hear more down here than you can see up there.
[the crew has finished resupplying, so fresh food is everywhere]
Kriechbaum: Hey! Move this stuff now! Clear the map! I can't navigate on bananas!
[La Rochelle is under attack. Werner and the crew take refuge in the U-boat bunker; several of the men are injured]
1st Lieutenant: Come over here! We need help!
Schwalle: Medic! Medic!
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