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Funny Quotations from College

College is a comedy film about three high school seniors who visit a local college campus. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Kevin attempts to avoid his ex by missing out on his freshman orientation. Instead, his two friends drag him along to a fake fraternity-pledge, granting the boys access to an enormous party scene. While there, the three boys come in contact with three girls who wow them. Directed by Deb Hagan. Starring Drake Bell, Kevin Covais, and Andrew Caldwell.

College is a hilarious movie, but it shouldn't be seen by children. It is rated R for a reason. Anyway, here are some quotes from the film.

Carter: Uh, so you guys going on some sort of road trip to Fieldmont this weekend?
Fletcher: I just went there to visit my bro. I almost didn't make it back.
Carter: Almost didn't make it back? Dude, it's just college.
Fletcher: Yeah, see that's what I thought; I didn't sleep for three days; OK I don't have any money left in my bank account; I maxed out my parents credit card which was suppose to be used in only cases of emergency; I tried smoking a tampon; wet my brother's bed twice; stole a car; got in a bar fight; ate some gold fish; played naked frisby; found a tattoo on my lower back of a unicorn, don't remember gettin that; I laughed, I cried; all in all I'd say i was the best weekend of my life.

Carter: [to two girls] We're in town for the weekend and we were just kinda wondering if you guys would show us around.
Girl #1: What college are you visiting from?
Morris: We're actually, huh, still in high school.
[the two girls walk away]
Girl #1: Alrighty then. I'll see you guys later.

Kevin: Is this the Beta Phi house? We're suppose to stay here this weekend.
Frat guy: Oh, yeah, yeah yeah.
[they go inside the house] Frat guy: We call this the dungeon. Watch this step!

Kevin: This is insane!
Carter: No man. This is college!

[Guy throws waterballoon that hits Kevin]
Guy: Watch your step prefresh! This ain't highschool!

Bouncer: Ten bucks cover tonight, guys.
Morris: What's that, they didn't pay.
Bouncer: Did you see the size of those?
Carter: Hmmm? [fondles his man boobs]
Bouncer: Nah... [shakes head]
Carter: You like that, when I squeeze them together for ya?
Bouncer: I said no.
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