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Quotations from City of Ember

City of Ember is an family-adventure fantasy film about the people of an underground city where they aren't allowed to go above ground. The city is powered by a generator, but it is incredibly old and is about to completely fail. The generator was made to last 200 years, but that time is about up. Thus, a group of young people attempt to go above ground. This film is directed by Gil Kenan. It stars Saoirse Ronan, Toby Jones, and Bill Murray.

City of Ember is a fantastic film for the entire family. Read some quotes from the movie below.

Loris Harrow: [narrating] On the day the world ended, the fate of mankind was carried in a small metal box. In a secret location, architects, scientists and engineers met and concluded that there was only one hope for our future: to build an underground city designed to keep its citizens protected for generations to come. The box was entrusted to the first mayor, who was to pass it on to her successor. As the years counted down, the box passed from mayor to mayor. None knew what secrets it held, only that it would open when it was needed most. But fate ran another course, and the chain was broken. The box was tucked away and forgotten, and as the city grew old and began to crumble, the box quietly clicked open.
Doon Harrow: The Builders left instructions.
Loris Harrow: The Builders abandoned us.
Doon Harrow: No, they didn't. They didn't, Dad. I have proof.
Loris Harrow: Show me.
Lina Mayfleet: [putting together a paper] Ember, time to support life.
Lina Mayfleet: Count down to nothing, it sounds like doomsday.
Doon Harrow: It can't be fixed. Without it we won't survive.
Doon Harrow: Keep your eyes peeled. Look around every corner. You never know where you might find a clue.
Doon Harrow: There's a way out. I have proof!
Loris Harrow: Show me.
Mayor Cole: We stand united against the darkness.
Loris Harrow: If you want proof, you have to pursue it.
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