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Funny Quotations from Bruno

The film Bruno is a comedy movie about a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashionata named Bruno who tries to take his show to America since he ruined his show in Germany by disgracing himself in front of his Funkyzeit fan base. He goes to the USA with his former assistant's assistant, who still believes in Bruno's greatness. Together, they try to reinvent the fashion guru. Directed by Larry Charles. Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Gustaf Hammarsten, and Clifford Bañagale.

Read some quotes from this humorous comedy called Bruno.

Drill Sergeant: Your finger's in my alley.
Brüno: Not yet.
Brüno: Can I give you guys a word of advice? Lose the beards, because your King Osama looks like a kind of dirty wizard... or a homeless Santa.
Brüno: It's just this bear took my clothes. He took everything apart from these condoms.
Ron Paul: [after Brüno drops his pants] All right, get out of here! This is ended.
Ron Paul: [later, in the hallway] That guy's queerer than the blazes. He took his clothes off. Let's get goin'. He's queer, he's crazy, he put a hit on me and took his clothes off.
Brüno: [narrating] I couldn't even schtupp RuPaul.
Brüno: We have chosen your baby to be dressed as a Nazi Officer, pushing a wheelbarrow, with a Jewish baby, into an oven!
Brüno: How do you protect yourself from a dildo?
Brüno: So... if they are nice they are gay, right?
Brüno: [about his baby, O.J] I've gotta be honest: he's a real dick magnet.
Brüno: Looking up at the stars makes me think of all the hot guys in the world.
Snoop Dogg: Hey, hey, he gay, he gay, OK.
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