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Quotations from Body of Lies

Body of Lies is an action-drama thriller about a CIA agent who tries to hunt down a terrorist leader in Jordan who plans to place bombs across Europe. Surprisingly, the agent finds a hard time telling the difference between the American supervisors and Jordan Intelligence. The plan becomes complicated as he tries to find out the truth. Directed by Ridley Scott. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe, and Mark Strong.

Read quotes from the great action film, Body of Lies below.

[from trailer]
Ed Hoffman: Our world as we know it is much simpler...to put to an end than you might think.
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Ed Hoffman: What we're dealing with here is potential a global war that requires constant deligense in order to suppress. Our illegidly unsophisticated enemy has realized that we are an easy target. Our world is a lot simpler to put to an end than you might think.
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Roger Ferris: Ed Hoffman is the head of the division but he does not know enough until he steals it from the guy on the ground and that's me.
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Ed's wife: Ed, it's six o'clock in the morning.
Ed Hoffman: Saving civilization, honey.
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Ed Hoffman: You do know we're at war, right? Our enemy, they do not want to negotiate.
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Roger Ferris: What the hell else are you holding back from me?
[from trailer]
Ed Hoffman: You're blown.
Roger Ferris: If I'm blown you should have sent a team. You didn't send a team did you.
Ed Hoffman: Whatever.
Roger Ferris: Hani wanted to kill me.
Roger Ferris: What are the chances you're playing both sides?
Ed Hoffman: I did what I had to do.
Roger Ferris: You are power hungry.
Ed Hoffman: Uh huh, what's your point?
Roger Ferris: I'm out.
Ed Hoffman: If you walk out on me you knkow what that means.
Roger Ferris: What does that mean?
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