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Quotations from Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is a romantic drama about a married couple. The movie goes through their relationship by specific time periods, cutting across time to show the evolution of it. The man is a high school drop out from a broken home. She's a nurse in a medical clinic. Together, they have a daughter. Directed by Derek Cianfrance. Starring Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, and John Doman. This film was nominated for an Oscar award.

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Dean: What are you doing?
Cindy: What does it look like I'm doing?
Dean: Gettin' all wet and naked.
Dean: I can't really sing. I have to sing goofy, in order to sing. I have to sing stupid.
Dean: I didn't want to be somebody's husband and I didn't want to be somebody's dad, that wasn't my goal in life. But somehow it was. I work so I can do that.
Dean: In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is... which makes you insane. You're probably nutty coo coo crazy.
Dean: We're inside a robot's vagina.
Cindy: They're old. Would you wanna live like that?
Dean: What, in that home? Well, no. But I'm not getting old. And he's a dummy for dying.
Dean: Tell me how I should be. Just tell me. I'll do it.
Cindy: I thought the whole point of coming here was to have a night without kids.
Dean: In my experience, the prettier a girl is, the more nuts she is, which makes you insane.
Cindy: I like how you can compliment and insult somebody at the same time, in equal measure.
Dean: Babe, that's how they laugh in the future!
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