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Funny Quotations from Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Beverly Hills Chihuahua is an adventure-drama comedy about a chihuahua that tries to find her way back home when she is on vacation in Mexico. Directed by Raja Gosnell. Meanwhile, a male chihuahua falls in love with her and attempts to get with her. Finally, she befriends a lonely German Shepherd who ends up protecting her against other evil dogs as they try to escape a dognapper. Starring Drew Barrymore, George Lopez, and Piper Perabo.

Read some humorous quotes from this family dog movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, below.

[from trailer]
Aunt Viv: [to Chloe the Chihuahua, but also on the phone] I'll get you anything you want, yes I will. NO! Not you Patrick.

Chloe the Chihuahua: It's not easy to find a mate with papers.

Papi the Chihuahua: If you ever need someone to lick inside your ears, I will be most honored.

Papi the Chihuahua: Oh no she didn't.

Chloe the Chihuahua: Hola and adios.

Papi the Chihuahua: Hold your tacos.

[from trailer]
Papi the Chihuahua: Chloe's in trouble [runs off] come on fool lets go!

[from trailer]
Dog: Don't you speak any spanish?
Chloe the Chihuahua: Why would I speak spanish?
Dog: Hello! You're a chihuahua miha.

Rat: Don't eat me! I got a wife and 300 kids to feed!

Dog: I have never had my teeth brushed before. It's... minty!

[from trailer]
[on the phone]
London: Hi Aunt Viv!
Aunt Viv: I want to talk to Chloe. Would you put her on?
London: Ruff.
Aunt Viv: Hi honey.
London: Rar-rar-rarr Rurrr urr rruurr. [pants]
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