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Quotations from Ben-Hur

Ben-Hur is an action-adventure drama that follows the life of a Jewish prince as he is sent into slavery by his childhood friend. He returns from slavery after saving the life of an important military official, gains rank within Rome, and seeks revenge as he tries to find his family. Directed by William Wyler. Starring Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, and Stephen Boyd.

Read quotes from this epic 212 minute film, Ben-Hur, below.

Sheik Ilderim: Balthasar is a good man. But until all men are like him, we must keep our swords bright!
Judah Ben-Hur: And our intentions true! So I must leave you.
Sheik Ilderim: One last thought: There is no law in the arena; many are killed... I hope to see you again, Judah Ben-Hur.
Judah Ben-Hur: I must deal with Messala in my own way.
Balthasar: And your way is to kill him.
[Judah's reaction indicates Balthasar is correct, as Sheik Ilderim looks on with dismay]
Balthasar: I see this terrible thing in your eyes, Judah Ben-Hur, but no matter what this man has done to you, you have no right to take his life. He will be punished inevitably.
Judah Ben-Hur: I don't believe in miracles.
Balthasar: Your whole life is a miracle! Why will you not accept God's judgement?
Sheik Ilderim: You think you can treat my horses like animals?
Judah Ben-Hur: He gave me water, and the heart to live. What has he done to merit this?
Balthasar: He has taken the world of our sins onto Himself. To this end He said He was born, in that stable, where I first saw Him. For this cause, He came into the world.
Judah Ben-Hur: For this death?
Balthasar: For this beginning.
Sheik Ilderim: One God, that I can understand; but one wife? That is not civilized.
[nudges Judah]
Sheik Ilderim: It is not generous!
Judah Ben-Hur: If I cannot persuade them, that does not mean I will help you... *murder* them. Besides, you must understand this, Messala. I believe in the past of my people, *and* in their future.
Messala: Future? You are a conquered people!
Judah Ben-Hur: You may conquer the land; you may slaughter the people. But that is not the end. We will rise again.
Miriam: As though He were carrying in that Cross the pain of the world.
Miriam: So fearful.
Tirzah: And yet why is it... I'm not afraid anymore?
Quintus Arrius: You're either for me or against me.
Judah Ben-Hur: I am against you!
[on Arrius' orders, the guard has removed the chain from Judah's shackles prior to the battle]
Rower No. 42: Forty-one, why did he do that?
Judah Ben-Hur: I don't know. Once before, a man helped me. I didn't know why then.
Judah Ben-Hur: Almost at the moment He died, I heard Him say, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
Esther: Even then.
Judah Ben-Hur: Even then. And I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand.
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