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Funny Quotations from Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories is a family-fantasy comedy about a hotel handyman whose life changes when the stories he tells to his niece and nephew start coming true. This is a fantastic film for children of all ages. It's directed by Adam Shankman and stars Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, and Courteney Cox.

Read some humorous quotes from this amazing family film, Bedtime Stories below.

Skeeter Bronson: So guys, let me ask you something.... What the heck is on my head right now?
Patrick: Bugsy.
Skeeter Bronson: Why do you call him Bugsy?
Patrick: Because of his eyes.
Skeeter Bronson: *screams* Those would be big on a cow!
Wendy: Skeeter?
Skeeter Bronson: Sis...
Wendy: I'm getting laid off. I have a couple interviews set up in Arizona. I need you to watch the kids.
Skeeter Bronson: I'll do it, but you gotta say, "Skeeter is the coolest. I am a nerd."
Wendy: Skeeter is the coolest. I am a nerd.
Skeeter Bronson: Yeah you are!
Patrick: Tell us a bedtime story.
Skeeter Bronson: Ok, here we go. Once upon a time, the greatest of all heroes, Skeeticus.
[scene goes to Skeeticus doing a jumping trick in a Roman chariot.]
Skeeticus: Can you dig it!
Skeeter Bronson: And then...
Patrick: It started raining gum balls.
Skeeter Bronson: Last night I told my sister's kids a bedtime story and it came true.
Skeeter Bronson: So the kids control the stories.
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