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Quotations from Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon is an adventure and romantic drama about an Irish farm boy's adventure into manhood as he duels his love's fiance, joins the British Army, is captured, and fights for the Prussian Army before trying to win the love a rich widow as he takes over for her dead husband's position. Directed by Stanley Kubrick. Starring Ryan O'Neal, Marisa Berenson, and Patrick Magee. The film won four Oscar awards, including Best Cinematography, Best Music, and Bes Costumes.

Read these great quotes from Barry Lyndon as you live through his life.

Sir Charles Lyndon: Have you done with my Lady?
Redmond Barry: I beg your pardon?
Sir Charles Lyndon: Come, come, sir. I'm a man who would rather be known as a cuckold than a fool.
Redmond Barry: I'm not sorry. And I'll not apologize. And I'd as soon go to Dublin as to hell.
Captain Grogan: I've only a hundred guineas left to give you for I lost the rest at cards last night. Kiss me, me boy, for we'll never meet again.
Lady Lyndon: Lord Bullingdon, have you lost your tongue?
Second: Gentlemen, cock your pistols! Gentlemen...
Narrator: Barry's father...
Second: ...aim your pistols!
Narrator: ...had been bred, like many other young sons of a genteel family, to the profession of the law.
Second: One!
Narrator: And there is no doubt he would've...
Second: Two!
Narrator: ...made an eminent figure in his profession...
Second: Three!
[the two duelists fire at each other, one of them collapses]
Narrator: ...had he not been killed in a duel, which arose over the purchase of some horses.
Lord Bullingdon: I have now come to claim that satisfaction.
Redmond Barry: If ever I should meet him again you will find out who is the best man of the two. I'll fight him sword or pistol, captain as he is.
Barry's Mother: I shall not rest until I see you Lord Lyndon. You have important friends. They can tell you how these things are done. For money, well-timed and properly applied can accomplish anything.
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