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Quotations from All the King's Men

All the King's Men is a drama film about the political life of a man who wants to do good. The storyline follows Willie Stark as he moves from a rural county seat to the spotlight against the Governor. Of course, the old saying, "Power corrupts" holds true. Soon, he becomes just as corrupt as the men he was once fighting against. The movie is based on the Pulitzer Prize novel "All the King's Men" by Robert Penn Warren. Directed by Robert Rossen. Starring Broderick Crawford, John Ireland, and Joanne Dru.

Read quotes from the famous 1949 film, All the King's Men.

Willie Stark: You wanna know what my platform is? Here it is. I'm gonna soak the fat boys and spread it out thin.

Willie Stark: I don't need money. People gives me things because they believe in me.

Judge Monte Stanton: Pillsbury is guilty. As Attorney General of this state, it's my job to prosecute. Willie Stark: Judge, you talk like Pillsbury was human. He isn't. He's a thing. You don't prosecute an adding machine if a spring goes busted and makes a mistake. You fix it. Well, I fixed him.

Sadie Burke: He'll ditch everybody in the whole world, because that's what Willie wants. Nobody in the world but him!

Willie Stark: Now, shut up! hut up, all of you! Now listen to me, you hicks. Yeah, you're hicks too, and they fooled you a thousand times like they fooled me. But this time, I'm going to fool somebody. I'm going to stay in this race. I'm on my own and I'm out for blood.

Willie Stark: I'm the hick they were gonna use to split the hick vote. But I'm standing right here now on my hind legs! Even a dog can learn to do that. Are you standing on your hind legs? Have you learned to do that yet?

Sadie Burke: How'd you get him here? He was out stiff. Jack Burden: A hair of the dog that bit him. Sadie Burke: Hair? He must've swallowed the dog!

Willie Stark: I'm going to run. You can't stop me. I'm going to run even if I don't get a single vote!

Sadie Burke: Was she pretty? Jack Burden: How should I know. I wasn't looking at her *face*.

Sadie Burke: Be smart. Play square with him. You're gonna need people like us around. Willie Stark: Are you sure?
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