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Quotations from 127 Hours

The film 127 Hours is an adventure, biography, drama about a mountain climber who resorts to desperate measures once he becomes trapped under a boulder. The movie is directed and written by Danny Boyle with Simon Beaufoy co-authoring the screenplay. It is based on the book "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" by Aron Ralston. Stars James Franco, Kate Mara, and Amber Tamblyn.

Read quotes from the adventure film 127 Hours.

Aron Ralston: Hey. Aron here. Leave a message.
Sonja Ralston: Hey Aron. Sonja here, again. I know that you're probably gonna be away this weekend. But listen, just think about we we're gonna play. Please. 'Cause we have to decide, and we really... We need to practice, okay? Anyway, it will be fun. I promise. And oh, please call mom. Please. 'Cause she worries, which you know already. Okay. Later, A., goodbye.
Aron Ralston: Don't lose it. Aron, do not lose it.
Aron Ralston: [to camera] What I could really use is about 20 meters of static wrap rope, 9.8 mil. Uh, three or four pulleys, a rack of carabiners, a sling, power drill, and bolt kit. Oh, and uh, eight burly men to do all the hauling.
Aron Ralston: You know, I've been thinking. Everything is... just comes together. It's me. I chose this. I chose all this. This rock... this rock has been waiting for me my entire life. It's entire life, ever since it was a bit of meteorite a million, billion years ago. In space. It's been waiting, to come here. Right, right here. I've been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, every breath that I've taken, every action has been leading me to this crack on the out surface.
Aron Ralston: [gagging on urine] It's no Slurpee!
Aron Ralston: Hey there, Aron! Is it true that you didn't tell anyone where you were going?
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