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We All Loved Each Other So Much Quotes

We All Loved Each Other So Much is a television show that first aired in 1970 . We All Loved Each Other So Much ended its run in 1970.

It features Pio Angeletti as producer, Armando Trovajoli in charge of musical score, and Claudio Cirillo as head of cinematography.

We All Loved Each Other So Much is recorded in Italian and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of We All Loved Each Other So Much is 124 minutes long.

The cast includes: Nino Manfredi as Antonio, Stefano Satta Flores as Nicola Palumbo, and Vittorio Gassman as Gianni Perego.

We All Loved Each Other So Much Quotes

Nino Manfredi as Antonio

  • (Torquato) "Oh -- and who is she?"
  • (Nino Manfredi) "She's a friend of mine."
  • (Torquato) "She's hot. Have you slept with her?"
  • (Nino Manfredi) "Sleep Torquato, sleep. His lethargic encephalitis causes strong intellectual degradation."
  • (Torquato) "Yeah right. You leave us alone and I'll show you the -- the degradation."

Vittorio Gassman as Gianni Perego

  • (Vittorio Gassman) "Our generation is really disgusting."
  • (Nino Manfredi) "Why?"
  • (Vittorio Gassman) "What? Well, look at Nicola, for example."
  • (Nino Manfredi) "What did Nicola do?"
  • (Vittorio Gassman) "Yeah, what did Nicola do? He abandoned his family, his career, and to top it all off he ended scratching out movie reviews signing them "Vice"."
  • (Nino Manfredi) "Oh, he's vice? Well then, you write for a lot of newspapers."
  • (Vittorio Gassman) "And all of this for what? For a brighter future."
  • (Nino Manfredi) "And so?"
  • (Vittorio Gassman) "The future passed us by without us even realizing it."
  • (Stefano Satta Flores) "What? Who says? Throwing away your life means to make the best use of it. Or do you like this one better? Living as you please is cheap because you pay for it with something that doesn't exist: happiness."

Stefano Satta Flores as Nicola Palumbo

  • (Stefano Satta Flores) "Mr. Superintendent, the film we saw tonight was -- stupendous. Let me talk, let me talk. Through this garbage and this crap, yes sir, we recognise the true enemies of the proletariat: namely, the false defenders of grace, of poetry, of beauty and all the other hypocritical values of your bourgeois culture."

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