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Wagons East Quotes

Wagons East is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Wagons East ended in 1970.

It features Gary Goodman, Robert Newmyer, Barry Rosen, and Jeffrey Silver as producer, Michael Small in charge of musical score, and Frank Tidy as head of cinematography.

Wagons East is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Wagons East is 107 minutes long. Wagons East is distributed by TriStar Pictures, and Pathé.

The cast includes: Richard Lewis as Phil Taylor, Robert Picardo as Ben Wheeler, John Candy as James H. Harlow, Rodney A. Grant as Little Feather, Lochlyn Munro as Billy, Ellen Greene as Belle, William Sanderson as Zeke, Ed Lauter as John Slade, and Thomas F. Duffy as Clayton Ferguson.

Wagons East Quotes

John Candy as James H. Harlow

  • (John Candy) "Well?"
  • (Rodney A. Grant) "Bad news. Big trouble."
  • (John Candy) "Let's just keep that to ourselves."
  • (Robert Picardo) "What's news?"
  • (Rodney A. Grant) "Cavalry's coming. They come to stop you."
  • (John Candy) "Wagons -- east."
  • (John Candy) "We leave at dawn -- noon-ish."
  • (John Candy) "Wagons ho."

Richard Lewis as Phil Taylor

  • (Richard Lewis) "About that leg, Clay. You know, these flesh wounds can be a little tricky. You know, things happen -- there are complications."
  • (Thomas F. Duffy) "You had to amputate?"
  • (Richard Lewis) "No no no no no no. The leg is, ah, fine -- a little stiff."
  • (Thomas F. Duffy) "Well now, that's to be expected."
  • (Richard Lewis) "Well, you know, Clay, ah, the leg is not the only part that's, ah, stiff. Actually, his whole body is kind of, ah, well, he's ah, he's ah, he'd dead."
  • (Richard Lewis) "I was a field surgeon during the war. We'd work long hours. We'd eat while we operated. One time, there's this young soldier I was trying to save, he took a cannonball in the stomach. After 18 hours of surgery, I did it. Never felt better in my life. Until, just like that, the patient dies. Turns out I left half a bologna sandwich in his lung."

Robert Picardo as Ben Wheeler

  • (Robert Picardo) "This is the third time this month. You really should give the depositers a chance to build up their accounts."
  • (Robert Picardo) "Good luck."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey. I got a job."
  • (Robert Picardo) "But leaving would be like giving up."
  • (Richard Lewis) "That's exactly what it would be, Ben; giving up. So let's just give up. Let's get out of here. Let's get ourselves a wagon master and go home. Let's go east. What do you say?"
  • (Unnamed) "I say you're a bunch of gutless lily-livered, yellow-belly eastern sissies. All you've done since you got here was whine and complain. Now why don't you go back and leave the west to the real men?"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, actually, I could have the books on the wagon really quickly. And the cappucino machine, you know, is going to travel like a dream."
  • (Robert Picardo) "We can't go East."
  • (Richard Lewis) "Why not?"
  • (Robert Picardo) "Because."
  • (Richard Lewis) "Why?"
  • (William Sanderson) "Because it's against "The Code.""
  • (Richard Lewis) "It's against what code?"
  • (Robert Picardo) "You know very well what code. The Code -- of the West."
  • (Richard Lewis) "Oh, the Code of the West. Isn't that the same code that says, ah --"
  • (Robert Picardo) ""The only good Indian is a dead Indian.""
  • (Richard Lewis) "And "Die with your boots on." Wait, wait a minute, I got another one for you; "If someone steals your horse, you hang him." That's some code. Hey, this is quite a code. Let's just stay here. What a code."
  • (Unnamed) "It's not a very enlightened ideology."
  • (Robert Picardo) "I can't face another wounded teller with a workman's comp claim."

Ellen Greene as Belle

  • (Unnamed) "Ma'am, you people are crazy."
  • (Ellen Greene) "Crazy? What do you mean, crazy? Because we risked out lives crossing a river instead of staying on the other side? Because we have faith in ourselves? Because we believe in a wagonmaster who gave us the courage and the confidence to do things we never thought we could have done?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, because most people use the bridge."
  • (Unnamed) "I'm going back west."
  • (Ellen Greene) "What could be there for you?"
  • (Unnamed) "San Francisco."
  • (Ellen Greene) "Bastard."
  • (Ed Lauter) "Could be. I don't know if my ma and pa were married. I killed my pa before I could ask."

Rodney A. Grant as Little Feather

Ed Lauter as John Slade

  • (Ed Lauter) "Your move, sissy boy."
  • (Unnamed) "Sissy boy? Oh please, that's so Dodge City."
  • (Ed Lauter) "The name's Slade."
  • (Unnamed) "Super. Here's an idea. Why don't you spell it out for me so I can get it right on your tombstone."

Lochlyn Munro as Billy

  • (Lochlyn Munro) "Thanks a lot."
  • (Lochlyn Munro) "Wow, Julian. Look at you. Did you see a mermaid?"
  • (Lochlyn Munro) "Man, cold water usually has the opposite effect on me."

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