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Virginia City (film) Quotes

Virginia City (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Virginia City ended its run in 1970.

It features Robert Fellows as producer, Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Sol Polito as head of cinematography.

Virginia City (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Virginia City (film) is 121 minutes long. Virginia City (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Errol Flynn as Kerry Bradford, Randolph Scott as Vance Irby, Miriam Hopkins as Julia Hayne, Ward Bond as Confederate Sergeant Checking Passengers, Charles B. Middleton as Jefferson Davis, Ward Bond as Confederate Gen. Page, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as 'Marblehead', Alan Hale, Sr. as Olaf Swenson, Frank McHugh as Mr. Upjohn, Humphrey Bogart as John Murrell, Dick Jones as Cobby, and Victor Kilian as Abraham Lincoln.

Virginia City (film) Quotes

Errol Flynn as Kerry Bradford

  • (Errol Flynn) "I can't depend on you any longer, I can see that. Serve you right if I knocked your bone-heads together."
  • (Gen. George Meade) "What are their qualifications?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "Well, sir, Marblehead there --"
  • (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) "Yes, sir."
  • (Errol Flynn) "He's probably one of the finest horse-thieves east of Chicago."
  • (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) "You mean Kansas City, sir."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Oh, Kansas City. And Moose --"
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Yes, sir."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Well, he's had four wives, so he's had to learn how to keep undercover."

Frank McHugh as Mr. Upjohn

  • (Frank McHugh) "Just to think, I tried to sell that ruffian life insurance."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Oh, he wasn't as tough as my last wife."
  • (Frank McHugh) "Pardon, I didn't know you were married."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Married? Only four times."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Five."
  • (Frank McHugh) "All insured, I hope."
  • (Frank McHugh) "The war. The war. When I think of all those brave boys on the battlefields. So many of 'em. It's bad for business, you know."
  • (Frank McHugh) "What is your business, Mister?"
  • (Humphrey Bogart) "Life Insurance. Perhaps I could interest you in a policy?"

Randolph Scott as Vance Irby

  • (Randolph Scott) "Hello, Cobby, what's on your mind?"
  • (Dick Jones) "Miss Julia came in on the stage last night, but she was afraid to come here, so she sent me. But, she wants you to meet her at the Sazerac tonight."
  • (Randolph Scott) "How did she look, Cobby?"
  • (Dick Jones) "Oh, swell. Happy as a colt in clover."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Remember, when we meet, we've never seen each other before. Then the Federals can't suspect."
  • (Miriam Hopkins) "Oh, I'm an expert at that now. Treating friends like strangers and enemies like friends."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Virginia City seems to be quite a Union stronghold, ma'am."
  • (Miriam Hopkins) "Yes, it's red, white and blue all over."
  • (Errol Flynn) "All over?"
  • (Miriam Hopkins) "Of course there are a few copperheads here, but they're harmless."
  • (Randolph Scott) "How'd you learn to wing-shoot?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "In Afghanistan, the kids do it."

Miriam Hopkins as Julia Hayne

  • (Miriam Hopkins) "Do you remember the last Christmas I spent here before the war? Frost was glistening in all the fields, holly wreaths were in all those windows, mistletoe in the hall. And Father standing in the doorway with the light behind him, so straight and proud and handsome. And now; wet leaves cover the ground at Shiloh, don't they, Vance?"
  • (Randolph Scott) "Julia, why do you torture yourself with memories?"
  • (Miriam Hopkins) "What have I got left? The war's taken everything."
  • (Randolph Scott) "Not me, Julie."
  • (Miriam Hopkins) "I was afraid you wouldn't see me, because I'm a Virginian."
  • (Victor Kilian) "Why, I've got a lot of friends down south, Miss Hayne, and more relatives in Virginia than a Blue Ridge rabbit."
  • (Miriam Hopkins) "No matter how much a man's in love he really wonders whether the woman's quite good enough for him or not. But when a woman's in love, well, she's just in love and that's the end of it."

Alan Hale, Sr. as Olaf Swenson

  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "What about you, little man? Will you have a drink?"
  • (Frank McHugh) "A drink? Moosehead, when I come out of that saloon I'd be so teetotally tight that if I live to be 108 years old I'll die with a hangover."
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "What's he doing out here?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "I don't know, but I imagine he's on the same business as we are."

Guinn "Big Boy" Williams as 'Marblehead'

  • (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) "Doggone that confounded, dadgummed, slab-sided, dad-burned, tarnation, doggone --"
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Quiet."
  • (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) "This turned into a pretty good fracas. Didn't it?"
  • (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) "So the Union forces retreat, huh?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "Yes, sir. The third battle of Bull Run."

Ward Bond as Confederate Gen. Page

  • (Ward Bond) "What's your business, Sam? Goin' to visit your wife?"
  • (Sam Moore - Black Driver) "No, Suh. I's flyin' away from her; and fast too."

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