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Unfinished (How I Met Your Mother) Quotes

Unfinished (How I Met Your Mother) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Unfinished completed its run in 1970.

Unfinished (How I Met Your Mother) Quotes

  • (Barney Stinson) "Ted I admire your loyalty. You've had that hairstyle forever. You don't care that it's out of style or that it's been co-opted by the lesbian community. You stick with it. To Ted."
  • (Lily Aldrin) "Where's the poop, Robin?"
  • (Lily Aldrin) "But designing a building in New York City is your lifelong dream."
  • (Ted Mosby) "I do not want to work for GNB again. Those guys are evil. No offense, Marshall."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "Dude, None taken. Yes, GNB is the Empire from Star Wars, but the Death Star is gonna get built either way, and don't you think the architect of the Death Star is pretty psyched to have that thing on his space resume. I mean, yes, his design was flawed in the sense that he let a single bullet fire into a particular vent that would explode the whole thing --"
  • (Ted Mosby) "For all we know, that was the contractor's fault."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "-- But that won't happen on your watch, 'cause you're Ted Mosby, and you're gonna design the most beautiful, ventless, Rebel-proof building in Manhattan -- with clearly-marked emergency stops for every trash compactor on the detention level."
  • (Ted Mosby) "What are you doing here? Oh, God. You're dating one of my students. It's Rachel, isn't it? Barney, I know she wears provocative sweaters, but she's 19. Now I'm gonna have to hear all about it, right? Go on. Tell me every detail."
  • (Ted Mosby) "Barney wants me to take the job so bad he's putting the moves on me?"
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "I hope that's his endgame. Actually, I don't. I like you two together."
  • (Robin Scherbatsky) "I want to say, from the bottom of my heart, I am gonna kill you- No, I'm not. I am happy for you- and that Asian slut on your Facebook page, she's dead too."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Hi. I'm Barney Stinson."
  • (Marshall Eriksen) "And I'm Marshall, Barney's wingman."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Golden Rule. I do not buy dinner to get the Yes. Dinner is a very intimate activity. It requires a level of connection and eye contact that sex just doesn't."
  • (Barney Stinson) "Do you remember how awesome it was to be coworkers, nay -- Bro-workers?"

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