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Unexpected (Star Trek: Enterprise) Quotes

Unexpected (Star Trek: Enterprise) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Unexpected completed its run in 1970.

It features Dawn Valazquez as producer, and Jay Chattaway in charge of musical score.

Unexpected (Star Trek: Enterprise) Quotes

  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "I'd like you to start seeing the Doctor every eight hours. As your -- delivery date gets closer, he should be able to start figuring out what your post-natal responsibilities might be."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "Post-natal responsibilities?"
  • (Dr. Phlox) "You may very well be putting those nipples to work before you know it."
  • (Dr. Phlox) "There's an old saying: When in Fellebia, do as the Fellebians do."
  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "One of the first things a diplomat learns is not to stick his fingers where they don't belong."
  • (Klingon Captain Vorok) "I can see my house from here."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "The only thing worse than spending three hours in a decompression chamber with a bunch of Klingons is doing it twice in one day. I smelled things in there I hope I never smell again."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "Do you think it might be a good idea to drop out of warp?"
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "Er, give me a minute, sir, I think we can figure it out."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "Tucker to bridge. Might be a good idea to drop out of warp."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "Remember to mind your manners."
  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "It's difficult enough having to smell all this. Eating it is out of the question."
  • (Ah'Len) "Have you had enough?"
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "A man needs a lot of fluids when he's under the weather."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "I'm the Chief Engineer. I spent years earning that position. I never had any intention of becoming a working mother."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "You're not gonna believe this. They've got grass growing on the floor. Real grass. It's even green. Is Vulcan grass green?"
  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "Water, carbonated."
  • (Dr. Phlox) "Now, that's adventurous."
  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "I've run a check through the Starfleet database. You might be pleased to know that this is the first recorded incident of a Human male becoming pregnant."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "Just how I always wanted to get into the history books."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "That business a -- bout the Klingon Chancellor calling me a brother -- Was that true?"
  • (Sub-Commander T'Pol) "Klingons are known to exaggerate. I saw nothing wrong with doing the same."
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "How the hell'd I get knocked up?"
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "How's the breathing?"
  • (Commander Charles 'Trip' Tucker III) "A lot easier but -- I prefer air I can't see."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "Archer to the Bridge."
  • (Lieutenant Malcolm Reed) "Lieutenant Reed, sir."
  • (Captain Jonathan Archer) "What the hell's going on?"
  • (Lieutenant Malcolm Reed) "We are having a little trouble with the gravity plating on E-deck. I hope it hasn't caused you any inconvenience."

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