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Two and a Half Deaths Quotes

Two and a Half Deaths is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Two and a Half Deaths stopped airing in 1970.

Two and a Half Deaths Quotes

  • (Captain Jim Brass) "Forget it Gil, it's Burbank."
  • (Stewart Lytle) "Beautiful people doing high-tech police work. There might be a series in this."
  • (Nick Stokes) "I don't think so."
  • (Gil Grissom) "Then the rubber chicken was inserted post-mortem --"
  • (Dr. Al Robbins) "-- and thus not the cause of death."
  • (Gil Grissom) "Might have been a gag. Sorry."
  • (Warrick Brown) "What does this look like to you?"
  • (Gil Grissom) "Hermaphrodite on roller skates."
  • (Catherine Willows) "A puppy."
  • (David Phillips) "Oh, come on. You've gotta say something. Uhh, "I suspect fowl play"; or, uh, "that's poultry evidence." You know: something."
  • (Gil Grissom) "Dying's easy; comedy's hard."
  • (Bud Parker) "Annabelle and I were married two days ago. We had a deal: she said if I gave up coke, we could get married."
  • (Spencer Freiberg) "But you never gave up coke."
  • (Bud Parker) "She didn't know that."

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