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The Women (1939 film) Quotes

The Women (1939 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . The Women ended its run in 1970.

It features Hunt Stromberg as producer, David Snell (composer) in charge of musical score, and Joseph Ruttenberg as head of cinematography.

The Women (1939 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Women (1939 film) is 133 minutes long. The Women (1939 film) is distributed by Loew's Inc..

The cast includes: Joan Crawford as Crystal Allen, Norma Shearer as Mary Haines, Mary Boland as Countess DeLave, Rosalind Russell as Sylvia Fowler, Paulette Goddard as Miriam Aarons, Florence Nash as Nancy Blake, Joan Fontaine as Peggy Day, Mabel Colcord as Maggie, Lucile Watson as Mrs. Moorehead, Phyllis Povah as Edith Potter, Virginia Grey as Pat, Butterfly McQueen as Lulu, Theresa Harris as Olive, Dennie Moore as Olga, Muriel Hutchison as Jane, Marjorie Main as Lucy, Barbara Jo Allen as Nurse, and Barbara Jo Allen as Receptionist.

The Women (1939 film) Quotes

Joan Crawford as Crystal Allen

  • (Joan Crawford) "There's a name for you ladies, but it isn't used in high society -- outside of a kennel. So long, ladies."
  • (Joan Crawford) "If you throw a lambchop into a hot oven, what's gonna keep it from gettin' done?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "You noble wives and mothers bore the brains out of me. And I bet you bore your husbands, too."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You are a hard one."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I can be soft on the right occasion."
  • (Joan Crawford) "It will be out tomorrow, Mrs. Prowler."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "FOWLER."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Oh I'm so sorry --"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Mrs. Fowler."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Holy mackerel."
  • (Joan Crawford) "What a cheerful evening. Oh, I'm so bored."
  • (Helen,) "Monsieur says that it doesn't improve madame's nerves to stay so long in ze water."
  • (Joan Crawford) "What'd he mean by that? A crack?"
  • (Helen,) "Oh -- No he did not say is zat way madame."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I thought not -- I've been Mrs. Stephen Haines for 18 months now without a single squawk."
  • (Joan Crawford) "That's some sort of a record for Park Avenue."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Get out."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Get OUT. Go on. Go on."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Say, listen, I've worked too hard to land this meal ticket to make any false moves now."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Hello? Oh, hello, Stephen."
  • (Joan Crawford) "What? Well uh -- Don't worry, my sweet, I -- Of course, I don't mind your breaking our engagement. Well, that is, I mind, of course, but it's such good discipline for my selfishness about you."
  • (Virginia Grey) "Holy mackerel, what a line."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Shut up, will ya?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Well, I, uh -- I was going to surprise you tonight, darling, and -- and cook dinner myself in my little apartment."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Why, of course I can cook."
  • (Virginia Grey) "She thinks because Lulu's dark, he wont be able to see her."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Shhh."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Oh, well, you don't know half my accomplishments --"
  • (Virginia Grey) "I'll say he doesn't."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Will you get out of here?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Oh -- Oh, well, that's all right, Stephen; I'll save you a piece of the cake -- with a candle on it. Ah, well, I didn't want to tell you before, Stephen, because I was afraid you might do something extravagant. Oh, it is dear of you to want to be with me on my birthday, but -- I won't be lonely. No, honestly, I won't. And uh -- if this weather lets up, my neuralgia will be better --"
  • (Joan Crawford) "then maybe I can -- Oh no. It's nothing. It's just nerves. I had a rather gloomy letter from home today. My little sister, she's not very well --"
  • (Virginia Grey) "What's wrong with her? She got a hangover?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "But she'll be all right. Yes, I -- I'm holding the thought. Oh, no, Stephen. I couldn't think of your disarranging your evening. I'll have another birthday next year."
  • (Virginia Grey) "You'll have another one next week."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Look, so help me, I'm gonna slug you."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Oh, Stephen, if you could drop by for just a few moments and have a glass of sherry to my health. Oh, Stephen -- Oh, I do need you so -- Yes, dear -- Yes, darling, I'll meet you on our corner in five minutes."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Goodbye."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Say, can you beat him? He almost stood me up for his wife."
  • (Joan Crawford) "I'm having him dine at my place. It's about time he found out I was a home girl."
  • (Virginia Grey) "A home girl? Get her. Why don't you borrow the quintuplets for the evening?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Because I'm all the baby he wants, pet."

Mary Boland as Countess DeLave

  • (Mary Boland) "This sweet thing is getting her first divorce too. She's a very dear friend of mine -- What did you say your name was again darling?"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Miriam Aarons."
  • (Mary Boland) "This is Mrs. Haines. You know, yanked the scalp off that Allen woman in the fitting room?"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Oh yeah. Good for you. I was afraid you were a wet firecracker, sister. Shake."
  • (Mary Boland) "Get me a bromide; and put some gin in it."
  • (Mary Boland) "Mary, you're not cross because my Buck's had a wee droppy too much?"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Don't be modest, Flora. Your ducky is stinko."
  • (Mary Boland) "I never got a sou out of anybody except my first husband, Mr. Strauss. Oh he said the most touching thing in his will, I remember every word of it -- He said "To my beloved wife Flora, I leave all my estate -- To be administered by executors because she is an A-1 schlemiel.""
  • (Mary Boland) "Isn't that sweet?"
  • (Mary Boland) "Take it easy, Mrs. Fowler. I'm only trying to help in my own way."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh, you big moose."
  • (Mary Boland) "But whither -- Whither shall I fly?"
  • (Paulette Goddard) "To the arms our our pet cowboy, darling."
  • (Mary Boland) "Miriam Aarons."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Why, he's plum loco for you, countess. He likes you even better than his horse. And it's such a blasted big horse, too."
  • (Mary Boland) "Oh, l'amour, l'amour, how it can let you down. Hmm. How it can pick you up again."
  • (Mary Boland) "Oh, the publicity. La publicité."

Rosalind Russell as Sylvia Fowler

  • (Rosalind Russell) "Why you sly little fox, you."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "I'd die before I hurt Edith."
  • (Florence Nash) "Nuts."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Did you get her innuendo?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh, you remember the awful things they said about what's-her-name before she jumped out the window? There. You see? I can't even remember her name so who cares?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "You know I go to Sydney's for my hair. Oh, you ought to go, pet. I DESPISE whoever does yours."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh uh -- is that umm -- Crystal Allen across the hall?"
  • (Saleswoman) "Yes she's a new customer. Do you know her? Has she a lot of money?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "I think she knows where she can get a lot."
  • (Exercise instructress) "Let's begin with posture. A lady always enters a room erect."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Most of my friends exit horizontally."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Is that anyway to talk to me, after all I've done for you?"
  • (Joan Crawford) "Aw, done what?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "You didn't know a soul when you married Steven. After all, it wasn't easy to put you over."
  • (Joan Crawford) "And who said you put me over?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "I've gotten you into some of our very best homes."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Yes, for some of their very best insults."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "I'm devoted to Edith Potter, but she DOES get me down --"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Well, here we are -- Creeping up on her."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Darling do you think we ought to do this?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh shut up."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "That's little Crystal."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "None other --"
  • (Ugly saleswoman) "May I serve you madam?"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "No, thank you."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Just looking."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh from the neck up I'd say no --"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Ah, how about baby?"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Of course."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Mmmm -- Couldn't be anyone else."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Pat?"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "I still don't know why he overlooked her."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "I do --"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Pipe."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "What are you, pet?"
  • (Florence Nash) "What nature abhors. I am an old maid, a frozen asset."
  • (Exercise instructress) "Up, over. Up, down. Up, stretch. Up, together."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "No more up. This has got me down."
  • (Exercise instructress) "Rest a moment and relax your diaphragm muscles."
  • (Exercise instructress) "If you can."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Ohh -- What I go through to keep my figure and do I see red when some fat, lazy, dinner partner says: "What do you do with yourself all day Mrs. Fowler?""
  • (Exercise instructress) "Mrs. Fowler you've hardly moved a muscle."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Whose carcass is this, yours or mine?"
  • (Exercise instructress) "It's yours, but I'm paid to exercise it."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "You sound like a horse trainer."
  • (Exercise instructress) "No, Mrs. Fowler, but you're getting warm."

Theresa Harris as Olive

  • (Unnamed) "You don't look a day over 35."
  • (Unnamed) "That old gasoline truck, she's 60 if she's a minute."
  • (Unnamed) "Who is she?"
  • (Unnamed) "Gillingswater."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, that old bag. One more permanent and she won't have a hair on her head."
  • (Unnamed) "She's got plenty on her arms baby."
  • (Theresa Harris) "She sure does shed, don't she."

Lucile Watson as Mrs. Moorehead

  • (Lucile Watson) "Stephen is a man. He's been married ten years."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh. You mean he's tired of me?"
  • (Lucile Watson) "Stephen's tired of himself. Tired of feeling the same things in himself. Time comes when a man's got to feel something new, and he's got to feel young again, just because he's growing old."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Mother. Stephen isn't old."
  • (Lucile Watson) "Of course not, but we women are so much more sensible. When we tire of ourselves, we change the way we do our hair, or hire a new cook, or -- or decorate the house. I suppose a man could do over his office, but he never thinks of anything so simple. No, dear, a man has only one escape from his old self: to see a different self in the mirror of some woman's eyes."
  • (Lucile Watson) "Well, cheer up, Mary; living alone has its compensations. Heaven knows it's marvelous being able to spread out in bed like a swastika."
  • (Lucile Watson) "I'm an old woman, my dear. I know my sex."
  • (Lucile Watson) "Besides, there's nothing like a good dose of being left alone to make a man appreciate his wife."
  • (Little Mary Haines) "I saw Mrs. Potter at the zoo that day."
  • (Lucile Watson) "Who was she visiting with? The snakes?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh, Mother."
  • (Little Mary Haines) "As a matter of fact, she was."

Florence Nash as Nancy Blake

  • (Florence Nash) "You just can't bear Mary's happiness, can you, Sylvia? It gets you down."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "How ridiculous. Why should it?"
  • (Florence Nash) "Because she's contented. Contented to be what she is."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Which is what?"
  • (Florence Nash) "A woman."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Ah. And what are we?"
  • (Florence Nash) "Females."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Really. And what are you, pet?"
  • (Florence Nash) "What nature abhors: I'm an old maid, a frozen asset."
  • (Florence Nash) "Great guns. What are you made up for? The Seeing Eye?"
  • (Florence Nash) "Chin up."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Right, both of them."

Paulette Goddard as Miriam Aarons

  • (Paulette Goddard) "Any ladle's sweet that dishes out some gravy."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "Well he could crack a coconut with those knees --. If he could get them together."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "You're passing up a swell chance, honey. Where I spit no grass grows ever."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "I made him pay for what he wanted -- you made him pay for what he didn't want."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Why you --."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "A woman's compromised the day she's born."
  • (Paulette Goddard) "You should have licked that girl where she licked you; in his arms. It's where you win in the first round and if I know men, it's still Custer's Last Stand."

Dennie Moore as Olga

  • (Dennie Moore) "Well this Crystal Allen is a friend of mine, she's really a terrible man trap, soak it please. She's behind the perfume counter at Black's, so was I before I got fired -- Uh, left."
  • (Dennie Moore) "She's got those eyes that run up and down a man like a searchlight."

Mabel Colcord as Maggie

  • (Mabel Colcord) "You know, the first man that can think up a good explanation how he can be in love with his wife and another woman is gonna win that prize they're always giving out in Sweden."
  • (Mabel Colcord) "You can't trust none of 'em no further than I can kick this lemon pie."

Phyllis Povah as Edith Potter

  • (Phyllis Povah) "Oh, she can't help it. It's just her tough luck that she wasn't born deaf and dumb."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "What are you going to write next, Nancy? Animal stories?"
  • (Florence Nash) "I wouldn't have to go to Africa for that."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Oh, cheap Chinese embroidery. You know, I'll bet Peggy gave her these --"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "It wouldn't be so bad if only Mary's friends knew; we could keep our mouths shut."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "I know plenty I'd never breathe about my friend's husbands."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh, so do I."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Well, you know, I adore Mary."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "I worship her. We're not only cousins; she's my dearest friend in the world. After all, we were raised together."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Oh Edith, I forgot to tell you --"
  • (Norma Shearer) "Break it up, girls. Break it up."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Darling."
  • (Norma Shearer) "Hello."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "You're so slim, I could kill you."
  • (Norma Shearer) "You don't have to. The diet I'm on is pure poison."

Joan Fontaine as Peggy Day

  • (Joan Fontaine) "He beats you. Lucy, how terrible."
  • (Marjorie Main) "Ain't it. When you think of the lot of women on this ranch who need a beatin' more than I do."
  • (Joan Fontaine) "Oh, I wish I could make a little money writing the way you do."
  • (Florence Nash) "If you wrote the way I do, that's just what you'd make."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "You're not a very popular author, are you, dear?"
  • (Florence Nash) "Not with you."
  • (Joan Fontaine) "Listen to the wheels, don't they seem to be saying something?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "No."
  • (Joan Fontaine) "Don't they seem to be saying -- Go back, go back, go back, go back?"

Marjorie Main as Lucy

  • (Marjorie Main) "If the ocean was whiskey, and I was a duck, I'd dive to the bottom, and never come up. Oh baby, oh baby, I've told you before, the more I drink whiskey, I love you the more. Oh baby, oh ba --"
  • (Mary Boland) "Oh, l'amour, l'amour."
  • (Marjorie Main) "Them big, strong, red-headed men -- they're fierce."

Butterfly McQueen as Lulu

  • (Butterfly McQueen) "Will I find anything in that ice box of yours?"
  • (Virginia Grey) "Yeah, cobwebs and a bottle of gin."

Norma Shearer as Mary Haines

  • (Norma Shearer) "Oh it's just professional jealousy, they're really very good friends."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Of course. She adores the Fowler family. Particularly my husband."
  • (Countess Tamara) "Are you accusing me of flirting with Howard?"
  • (Rosalind Russell) "No, my little pet, but of trying to. I'd like to see Howard bat an eye at another woman."
  • (Countess Tamara) "Well I've seen him, and she's not bad either."
  • (Rosalind Russell) "Did you get her innuendo?"
  • (Norma Shearer) "I think I got what Mrs. Fowler's friends come in for."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I've had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle red."
  • (Norma Shearer) "I'll be doing the cooking so you know what he'll get."
  • (Little Mary Haines) "I know; indigestion."
  • (Norma Shearer) "May I suggest, if you're dressing to please Stephen, not that one. He doesn't like such obvious effects."
  • (Joan Crawford) "Thanks for the tip. But when anything I wear doesn't please Stephen, I take it off."

Muriel Hutchison as Jane

  • (Muriel Hutchison) "How do you do, Mrs. Potter?"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Hello, Jane."
  • (Muriel Hutchison) "And how are you feeling today?"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Too awful. I wouldn't wish my woes on my worst friend."
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Oh Jane, will you tell Mrs. Fowler that I'd like to speak to her out here for just a moment."
  • (Muriel Hutchison) "Yes, Mrs. Potter."
  • (Florence Nash) "How's the little mother?"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Jane. Never mind about that --"
  • (Phyllis Povah) "Hello, dear --"
  • (Florence Nash) "The spider's in the parlor. Let's go join her."

Barbara Jo Allen as Receptionist

  • (Barbara Jo Allen) "One minute more, Mrs. Miller and you can breathe again."
  • (Young girl) "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm looking for grandma."
  • (Young girl) "Grandma isn't in there --"
  • (Unnamed) "Well, she isn't in here -- Oh. This tub has worms in it. I know it has worms. I can feel them."
  • (Girl in a bath) "They're probably more afraid of you than you are of them."
  • (Young girl) "Well, what's the matter with a little worm? Why, at Harvard and Yale they eat them --"
  • (Mrs. Spencer's friend) "Ooh, look at Sidney's miniatures."
  • (Mrs. Spencer) "Hmmm. Sure sign of a petty mind."
  • (Barbara Jo Allen) "They've been waiting half and hour, Mrs. Spencer. Would you mind seeing the art exhibit later?"
  • (Mrs. Spencer) "All right."
  • (Mrs. Spencer) "Art exhibit my foot."

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