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The Valley of Gwangi Quotes

The Valley of Gwangi is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Valley of Gwangi completed its run in 1970.

It features Charles H. Schneer as producer, Jerome Moross in charge of musical score, and Erwin Hillier as head of cinematography.

The Valley of Gwangi is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Valley of Gwangi is 96 minutes long. The Valley of Gwangi is distributed by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts.

The cast includes: Freda Jackson as Tia Zorina, Gustavo Rojo as Carlos, Laurence Naismith as Professor Bromley, James Franciscus as Tuck, Curtis Arden as Lope, Gila Golan as T.J., Dennis Kilbane as Rowdy, and Laurence Naismith as Professor.

The Valley of Gwangi Quotes

Laurence Naismith as Professor

  • (Laurence Naismith) "This circle of mountains, jagged peaks, steep cliffs, could be the perfect barrier against man and the elements."
  • (James Franciscus) "No wonder they call it the forbidden valley."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Yes, it might be the answer to many things. We shall soon see, Mr Kirby."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "In the name of world science I beg you -- I implore you to think again."
  • (James Franciscus) "Later, professor, we've got a show to put on."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "A show. A show. But it's disgraceful to think of putting this fabulous creature on display in a cheap circus."
  • (Gila Golan) "We can do what we like with Gwangi. He's our property."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "He belongs to us all, to mankind, to scientific research."
  • (James Franciscus) "Easy, professor."
  • (Gila Golan) "You can do your research in the time we give you. You can follow us on our world tour."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "You must be mad -- raving mad. World tour? We'll see what The Royal Society has to say about this."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Don't you see -- we must follow the gypsy trail to the forbidden valley because where there is one Eohippus there must be others. At least two, the sire and the mare, possibly more. Just think what you and Miss Breckenridge could do with a dozen Eohippi?"
  • (Laurence Naismith) "I'm prepared to pay a guide handsomely."
  • (Freda Jackson) "To lead to you the forbidden valley? No, not for all the gold in the world."
  • (James Franciscus) "What's this forbidden valley?"
  • (Freda Jackson) "From there came the little horse and until he is returned a great evil will fall upon us."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Rubbish."
  • (Freda Jackson) "I tell you, unless the little horse is returned we shall all suffer the curse of hell."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Superstitious clap-trap. There's nothing hocus-pocus about that little horse. Don't you realise, we've discovered a living specimen of the Eohippus."
  • (James Franciscus) "What, you mean that thing really is an Eohippus?"
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Of course --.well, naturally we'd have to prove it by scientific research."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Eohippus, if you are one, what are you doing here over 50 million years after you should be extinct. Could be a freak of nature, of course."
  • (James Franciscus) "Is there any way you can tell?"
  • (Laurence Naismith) "By checking its origin. If I could prove that this is the genuine article I should undoubtedly receive a knighthood, Mr Kirby, for the greatest scientific discover of the age."
  • (James Franciscus) "The greatest scientific discovery of the age? T.J. doesn't know what she's got herself."

Curtis Arden as Lope

James Franciscus as Tuck

  • (James Franciscus) "Well, you don't seem very glad to see me, Champ."
  • (Unnamed) "About as glad as a dying mule to see a vulture."

Freda Jackson as Tia Zorina

  • (Freda Jackson) "It is as I foretold. Gwangi has killed Carlos just as he killed his brother, Miguel."
  • (James Franciscus) "Well, how d'ya know that?"
  • (Freda Jackson) "In a dream I saw it -- the great jaws snapping, the riderless horse. He was doomed and so will you be doomed ALL OF YOU unless the evil one is set free."
  • (Laurence Naismith) "Balderedash, my good woman, balderdash. He's no more evil than an alligator. The only thing evil about him are his jaws. Spells? He can cast no spells."
  • (Freda Jackson) "He who takes from Gwangi the evil one is cursed."
  • (Gustavo Rojo) "Only by an old woman's tongue."
  • (Freda Jackson) "I tell you, if he does not go back to the forbidden vally we shall all suffer a terrible fate. My eyes are blind but I can still see the signs."
  • (Gustavo Rojo) "Keep your superstitions to yourself, old woman."
  • (Freda Jackson) "Fool. One day he will learn to obey the law of Gwangi, or like his brother he will perish."

Dennis Kilbane as Rowdy

  • (Dennis Kilbane) "In all my travels I never seen anything like that two-ton lizard. If we could just get him back alive."
  • (James Franciscus) "Yeah, the only thing I want to get back alive is me."

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