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The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll Quotes

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll ended in 1970.

It features Michael Carreras as producer, David Heneker in charge of musical score, and Jack Asher as head of cinematography.

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll is 88 minutes long. The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Paul Massie as Dr. Henry Jekyll, Christopher Lee as Paul Allen, Norma Marla as Maria, Arthur Lovegrove as Cabby, William Kendall as Clubman, and Dawn Addams as Kitty Jekyll.

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll Quotes

Paul Massie as Dr. Henry Jekyll

  • (Paul Massie) "What are you in for?"
  • (Christopher Lee) "About 2000 pounds."
  • (Paul Massie) "Sell your soul."
  • (Christopher Lee) "Gladly. No Takers."
  • (Paul Massie) "Resigning my appointment freed me from idiots who are no more scientists than I am a priest."
  • (Paul Massie) "London and I are virgins to one another."

Dawn Addams as Kitty Jekyll

  • (Dawn Addams) "Where is Henry?"
  • (Paul Massie) "Believe me. Your husband is here."

Christopher Lee as Paul Allen

  • (Christopher Lee) "Ah, Maria. The unattainable Eve with her apples and snakes."
  • (Norma Marla) "It's a pleasure to see you again, Mr. Allen."
  • (Christopher Lee) "You have a new admirer, my dear, Mr. Edward Hyde."
  • (Paul Massie) "Enchanted. My sincere compliments."
  • (Norma Marla) "You are most kind, Mr. Hyde."
  • (Christopher Lee) "Such natural manners. She only uses Christian names in bed."
  • (Christopher Lee) "I don't deserve you Kitty."
  • (Dawn Addams) "You don't. But I deserve you. I deserve nothing better than you."

William Kendall as Clubman

  • (William Kendall) "Damn bad luck you have been having, I hear, Allen, old man."
  • (Christopher Lee) "Damn bad luck."
  • (William Kendall) "Oh, well. Luck's a bitch, old boy"
  • (William Kendall) "."
  • (Christopher Lee) "I shouldn't think so -- Always have the best possible luck with bitches. Almost always, anyway."
  • (William Kendall) "Well I'm swill."

Norma Marla as Maria

  • (Norma Marla) "Your friend talked to me like a common whore."
  • (Paul Massie) "In all fairness he never implied you were common."
  • (Norma Marla) "Just how much money did you have in mind, Mr. Hyde?"
  • (Paul Massie) "I would not insult so beautiful a woman by offering her anything so trivial."
  • (Norma Marla) "So, thank you for your politeness, but good night."
  • (Paul Massie) "Don't mention it."
  • (Norma Marla) "I have to dress."
  • (Paul Massie) "Don't let me prevent you."
  • (Norma Marla) "But I have an appointment."
  • (Paul Massie) "I'm afraid you'll be late."
  • (Norma Marla) "What could possibly detain me?"
  • (Paul Massie) "I intend to."
  • (Norma Marla) "You are impertinent Mr. Hyde."
  • (Paul Massie) "Yes, that is so."
  • (Norma Marla) "You have an amusing approach."
  • (Paul Massie) "Merely direct."
  • (Norma Marla) "You are very confident, aren't you?"
  • (Paul Massie) "Could a man without confidence approach you?"
  • (Norma Marla) "The men who beg get nothing."
  • (Paul Massie) "I do not beg."
  • (Norma Marla) "If a man buys, he pays much but gets very little."
  • (Paul Massie) "I am not buying."
  • (Norma Marla) "You do not buy -- you do not beg."
  • (Norma Marla) "Is there anywhere a man who simply takes?"
  • (Paul Massie) "I am that man."
  • (Norma Marla) "I thought you were."

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