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The Topeka Terror Quotes

The Topeka Terror is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Topeka Terror ended in 1970.

It features Stephen Auer as producer, and Bud Thackery as head of cinematography.

The Topeka Terror is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Topeka Terror is 55 minutes long. The Topeka Terror is distributed by Republic Pictures.

The cast includes: Roy Barcroft as Ben Jode, Bud Geary as Henchman Clyde Flint, Frank Jaquet as Trent Parker, Jack Kirk as Joe Green, Earle Hodgins as Don Quixote 'Ipso-Fact' Martindale, Eva Novak as Mrs. Green, Allan Lane as Chad Stevens, and Tom London as William Hardy.

The Topeka Terror Quotes

Roy Barcroft as Ben Jode

Tom London as William Hardy

  • (Tom London) "You seem to know a lot about your land laws."
  • (Allan Lane) "A wandering cowboy picks up a lot of information -- most of it's worthless."

Earle Hodgins as Don Quixote 'Ipso-Fact' Martindale

  • (Earle Hodgins) "I tell you, I will take this case to the Supreme Court. Even higher."
  • (Earle Hodgins) "Maybe we're not as half as bad off as we think we are."
  • (Eva Novak) "We couldn't be any worse off. Why the menfolks haven't even got a vote."
  • (Earle Hodgins) "If we can prove our cases against those claim jumpers, then they will be the illegal residents."
  • (Allan Lane) "In the meantime, Flint will be running the new county as Sheriff."
  • (Tom London) "If there were only some way these folks could establish legal residence."
  • (Earle Hodgins) "Oh, yes, but there isn't. I just wrecked, or at least I wracked my brains to think of something. I even read one of my own lawbooks."

Frank Jaquet as Trent Parker

  • (Frank Jaquet) "Why that's wholesale claim jumping."
  • (Roy Barcroft) "Let's dispense with that term, Parker. I prefer to call it land promotion."

Jack Kirk as Joe Green

  • (Jack Kirk) "I tell you Parker, I filed my claim according to regulation. This Matt Johnson's a claim jumper."
  • (Frank Jaquet) "You say you filed a claim, but I have no record of it in my book, Mr. Green. There it is in black and white. The lot you say is yours is recorded by Mr. Matt Johnson."
  • (Jack Kirk) "Then this record book don't tell the truth."
  • (Frank Jaquet) "Are you accusing me of being crooked?"
  • (Earle Hodgins) "Ah, let me handle this matter, my friend; I am a lawyer. Yes sir, I will get out a writ of habeus corpuscles. I will nully contender that man Johnson."

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