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The Tin Star Quotes

The Tin Star is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Tin Star ended its run in 1970.

It features William Perlberg as producer, Elmer Bernstein in charge of musical score, and Loyal Griggs as head of cinematography.

The Tin Star is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Tin Star is 93 min. long. The Tin Star is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Michel Ray as Kip Mayfield, Henry Fonda as Morg Hickman, Anthony Perkins as Sheriff Ben Owens, Neville Brand as Bart Bogardus, Betsy Palmer as Nona Mayfield, John McIntire as Dr. Jacob Joseph 'Doc' McCord, and Mary Webster as Millie Parker.

The Tin Star Quotes

Henry Fonda as Morg Hickman

  • (Henry Fonda) "A decent man doesn't want to kill, but if you're gonna shoot, you shoot to kill."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "How about hittin' them in the arm?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "That hokey-pokey'll get you killed fast. There're a lot of guys bragging about shooting a gun out of somebody's hand. They're lying. They shot to kill. A wounded man can still kill you."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "You did it."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Huh?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "With Bogardus. You hit his gun."
  • (Henry Fonda) "That wasn't my fight, that was yours. I could take a chance."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "What if you missed?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "Aw, he'd have killed you, or I'd have had to kill him."
  • (Henry Fonda) "You got a bone to pick with the freight company, not with me. They put a hunk of money on Jameson's head. He robbed the freight office, killed the agent. Wanted him dead or alive, which is kind of a hint sounds like to me."
  • (John McIntire) "Well, here's a man walks through the nettle patch, picks all the flowers for himself."
  • (Mary Webster) "I have no use for bounty hunters."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Well, that makes it unanimous."
  • (John McIntire) "Miss Parker's father was sheriff here for 20 years. If you find it a little chilly in here, you can wait outside."
  • (Henry Fonda) "I don't mind the chill; I'm after money."
  • (Henry Fonda) "To have confidence, you gotta keep a cool head. Don't take any chances you don't have to; but, wait -- and end the fight with one shot."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Wait?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "It's that time you wait; that split second; that means the difference between missin' a man and killin' him."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I don't wanna kill nobody."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Take your guns off."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "The law says a man ain't to be shot without his chance to surrender."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Or make his fight. As long as you're wearin' that badge, you gotta walk up, tell him to throw 'em up and then watch which way his hands move. If they go up, you got yourself a prisoner. They go down, he's dead -- or you are."
  • (Henry Fonda) "How long you had that badge?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Since Sheriff Parker got killed."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Nobody else wanted it, huh?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Yeah -- Bogardus."
  • (Henry Fonda) "He wanted it for a shooting license, huh?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "That's how come he didn't get it. Town don't want prisoners brought in dead."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Yeah, I know. They only want sheriffs brought in dead."
  • (Henry Fonda) "How come they picked you?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "I'm only temporary."
  • (Henry Fonda) "You're more temporary than you think."

Anthony Perkins as Sheriff Ben Owens

  • (Anthony Perkins) "I wouldn't expect no bounty hunter to appreciate this badge."
  • (Henry Fonda) "I wore one a lot longer than you ever will."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "Uh, ju-just getting the feel of these guns."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Where's the sheriff?"
  • (Anthony Perkins) "You notice everything, don't you?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "I notice you're wearing your guns too low."
  • (Anthony Perkins) "That's where Sheriff Parker wore his."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Parker's dead."

Neville Brand as Bart Bogardus

  • (Neville Brand) "Do you know who I am?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "I didn't ask."
  • (Neville Brand) "Bogardus is the name. Bart Bogardus. Jamerson was kin of mine."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Well, every family's got one black sheep -- some of 'em got two."

Betsy Palmer as Nona Mayfield

  • (Betsy Palmer) "Wait, Kip. Wait, Kip, you haven't said thanks."
  • (Betsy Palmer) "Ho, ho, he didn't even thank you."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Sure did. Didn't you see his face."
  • (Betsy Palmer) "You're too generous."
  • (Henry Fonda) "Don't fool yourself. Man lives alone; like me; gets kinda selfish. He gives you anything you can be sure he's gettin' his money's worth."

Michel Ray as Kip Mayfield

  • (Michel Ray) "Don't I look like a sheriff?"
  • (Henry Fonda) "You look more like a sheriff than the sheriff does."

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