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The Sweet Hereafter (film) Quotes

The Sweet Hereafter (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Sweet Hereafter completed its run in 1970.

It features Atom Egoyan, and Camelia Frieberg as producer, Mychael Danna in charge of musical score, and Paul Sarossy as head of cinematography.

The Sweet Hereafter (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of The Sweet Hereafter (film) is 112 minutes long. The Sweet Hereafter (film) is distributed by Alliance Films (Canada).

The cast includes: Marc Donato as Mason, Sarah Polley as Nicole, Ian Holm as Mitchell Stephens, Stephanie Morgenstern as Alison, Brooke Johnson as Mary, Tom McCamus as Sam, Bruce Greenwood as Billy Ansell, Caerthan Banks as Zoe, and Gabrielle Rose as Dolores.

The Sweet Hereafter (film) Quotes

Sarah Polley as Nicole

  • (Sarah Polley) "No matter what I'm asked I'lltell the truth."
  • (Ian Holm) "It's not going to be easy Nicole."
  • (Sarah Polley) "I won't lie."

Ian Holm as Mitchell Stephens

  • (Ian Holm) "Tell me your news, Zoe."
  • (Caerthan Banks) "Okay. Yesterday I went to sell my blood. I'm in this fucking city, and I'm selling my blood."
  • (Ian Holm) "That's not news, Zoe."
  • (Caerthan Banks) "No, but this is. They wouldn't take my blood. Do you know what that means, Daddy? Does it register? I tested positive."
  • (Caerthan Banks) "Welcome to hard times, Daddy."
  • (Ian Holm) "What do you want me to do, Zoe? I'll do whatever you want."
  • (Caerthan Banks) "I need money."
  • (Ian Holm) "What for?"
  • (Caerthan Banks) "No, you CANNOT ask me that. YNot anymore. You asked me what I wanted, not what I wanted it for. I want money."
  • (Ian Holm) "Do you have a blood test?"
  • (Caerthan Banks) "You don't believe me? You don't FUCKING believe me? -- I like it when you don't believe me. It's better that you don't believe me, but have to act like you do."
  • (Ian Holm) "Well, enough rage and helplessness and your love turns to something else."
  • (Stephanie Morgenstern) "What -- does it turn to?"
  • (Ian Holm) "It turns to steaming piss."
  • (Ian Holm) "I did not have to go as far as I was prepared to go, but I was prepared to go all the way."
  • (Ian Holm) "You'd make a good poker player, kid."
  • (Ian Holm) "Something's happening that's taking our children away."
  • (Ian Holm) "She loved us both equally then -- Just as she hates us both equally now."
  • (Ian Holm) "I can help you."
  • (Bruce Greenwood) "Not unless you can raise the dead."

Brooke Johnson as Mary

  • (Brooke Johnson) "(Speaking of a new computer, a gift) From Mr. Stephens -- That was him on the phone just now. He was calling to see how you were."
  • (Sarah Polley) "Who's Mr. Stephens?"
  • (Tom McCamus) "Uh, he's a lawyer. He's our lawyer."
  • (Sarah Polley) "You and Mom have a lawyer?"
  • (Tom McCamus) "Well, yes. He's your lawyer, too."
  • (Sarah Polley) "My lawyer. Why do I need a lawyer?"
  • (Brooke Johnson) "Well maybe we shouldn't be talking about this just now, with you barely home. Aren't you hungry, honey? You want me to fix you something?"
  • (Sarah Polley) "No. What's this lawyer business?"

Marc Donato as Mason

  • (Marc Donato) "Nicole, did the Pied Piper take the children away because he was mad that the town didn't pay him?"
  • (Sarah Polley) "That's right."
  • (Marc Donato) "Well, if he knew magic, if he could get the kids into the mountain, why couldn't he use his magic pipe to make the people pay him for getting rid of the rats?"
  • (Sarah Polley) "Because -- he wanted them to be punished."
  • (Marc Donato) "So he was mean?"
  • (Sarah Polley) "No, not mean, just -- very angry."

Tom McCamus as Sam

Gabrielle Rose as Dolores

  • (Gabrielle Rose) "I remember wrenching the steering wheel to the right and slapping my foot against the brake petal. I wasn't the driver anymore. The bus was like this huge wave about to break over us. Bear Otto, the Lambston kids, the Hamiltons, the Prescotts, the teenaged boys and girls from Bartlett Hill Road, Pete, Suzy, Laura, Rick, Sean Walker, Nicole Burnell, Billy Ansel's twins, Jessica and Mason -- all the children of my town."
  • (Ian Holm) "Then what happened?"

Bruce Greenwood as Billy Ansell

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