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The Second Coming (The Sopranos) Quotes

The Second Coming (The Sopranos) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Second Coming completed its run in 1970.

The Second Coming (The Sopranos) Quotes

  • (Phil Leotardo) "That's right, cocksucker. Go back to New Jersey."
  • (Little Carmine Lupertazzi) "Phil, what are you doin'?"
  • (Phil Leotardo) "Take that piece of shit and get off my stoop."
  • (Little Carmine Lupertazzi) "But we just talked about this."
  • (Phil Leotardo) "Well, cooler heads prevailed."
  • (Little Carmine Lupertazzi) "Uncle Philly."
  • (Phil Leotardo) "Uncle Philly, my ass."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Talk about a trip. I met this girl, fuckin' beautiful. We did peyote."
  • (Silvio Dante) "Come on."
  • (Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri) "Really?"
  • (Carlo Gervasi) "Bobby did mushrooms once. Stuffed mushrooms, a whole fuckin' platter."
  • (Tony Soprano) "When you were sick in the hospital, we talked. We shared a, uh -- an understanding about life."
  • (Phil Leotardo) "This is business, Anthony."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Yeah, I know. But I'm talkin' to you here on a human level. There's a limit, Phil. C'mon. A point where business bleeds into other shit. Feelings make things financially unfeasible."
  • (Phil Leotardo) "Charles Schwab, over here."
  • (Tony Soprano) "So that's it. No leeway, no compromise, just stupid fuckin' jokes."
  • (Phil Leotardo) "You want compromise, how's this? Twenty years in the can I wanted manicott', but I compromised. I ate grilled cheese off the radiator instead. I wanted to fuck a woman, but I compromised. I jacked off into a tissue. You see where I'm goin'?"
  • (Unnamed) "Get a mop."
  • (Tony Soprano) "I'm depressed."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "I'm telling you. Don't you start now."
  • (Tony Soprano) "What does that mean?"
  • (Carmela Soprano) "It means what it means. I have enough on my plate, I don't need you adding to it with your bullshit."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Bullshit? It's an illness and it's fuckin' hereditary."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Thank you, I know. I am intimately acquainted with the Soprano curse. Your father, your uncle, your great-grandfather who drove the donkey cart off the road in Avellino, all of it."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Oh, you think it's a joke?"
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Am I laughing?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "Well, then what are you sayin'?"
  • (Carmela Soprano) "He didn't get it from my family. That's all I'm gonna say."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Your family don't even talk. Your father's so bottled up it's a wonder he's even got a stomach left."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Yeah, as opposed to yours."
  • (Tony Soprano) "At least my father was out front about what was botherin' him."
  • (Carmela Soprano) "Right, with a bullet through your mother's beehive hairdo."
  • (Anthony Soprano, Jr.) "You know, it's always what you think, isn't it? It's never how I feel."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Oh, poor you. It's all your mother fault, isn't it?"
  • (Anthony Soprano, Jr.) "I didn't say that."
  • (Tony Soprano) "You're a mama's boy."
  • (Tony Soprano) "This is gonna sound stupid, but I saw at one point that our mothers are -- bus drivers. No, they are the bus. See, they're the vehicle that gets us here. They drop us off and go on their way. They continue on their journey. And the problem is that we keep tryin' to get back on the bus, instead of just lettin' it go."
  • (Little Carmine Lupertazzi) "So, the reason I'm here you could probably guess."
  • (Tony Soprano) "What happened at Coco's restaurant."
  • (Little Carmine Lupertazzi) "This alteration you had with him. You're at the precipice, Tony, of an enormous crossroad."
  • (Tony Soprano) "alright let's dispense with the five hundred pound elephant in the room, my kid tried to off himself we all fucking know, that's it? Nobody's got nothing to say?"
  • (Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri) "How's he doing?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "They got him "under observation" whatever the fuck that means"
  • (Tony Soprano) "stupid fuck, where did I lose this kid?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "what did I do wrong?"
  • (Silvio Dante) "Don't blame yourself"
  • (Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri) "A lot of pressure on kids today"
  • (Tony Soprano) "It's enough for him to try to kill himself?"
  • (Bobby 'Bacala' Baccalieri) "It happens"
  • (Tony Soprano) "did it happen to your kids?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "or yours?"
  • (Patsy Parisi) "They're all different my son Patrick I love him to death but he can be a moody prick sometimes"
  • (Silvio Dante) "When heather was fifteen she went through a rough patch"
  • (Patsy Parisi) "Jason same thing, his got the hyperactivity to boot"
  • (Carlo Gervasi) "My son too, the older one James"
  • (Paulie Walnuts) "He tried to kill himself?"
  • (Carlo Gervasi) "No, I don't know he gets the blues"
  • (Silvio Dante) "The important thing is AJ is getting the help he needs, whatever it is I'm sure it's just a chemical imbalance"
  • (Paulie Walnuts) "If you ask me it's all these toxins the kids are exposed to, it fucks with their brains, between the Mercury in fish alone, it's a wonder why there's even more kids jumping off bridges"

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