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The Quiet American (1958 film) Quotes

The Quiet American (1958 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Quiet American completed its run in 1970.

It features Joseph L. Mankiewicz (uncredited) as producer, Mario Nascimbene in charge of musical score, and Robert Krasker as head of cinematography.

The Quiet American (1958 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Quiet American (1958 film) is 120 minutes long. The Quiet American (1958 film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Claude Dauphin as Inspector Vigot, Richard Loo as Mr. Heng, Audie Murphy as The American, Michael Redgrave as Thomas Fowler, Giorgia Moll as Phuong, and Bruce Cabot as Bill Granger.

The Quiet American (1958 film) Quotes

Audie Murphy as The American

  • (Audie Murphy) "I wouldn't have thought you suggest using economic aid to but friends --"
  • (Michael Redgrave) "They're scared. I wouldn't blame them if they handed us over to the Communists. They don't believe in anything either. They just want enough rice. They want one day to be much the same as another. They don't want our white skins around telling them what they want."
  • (Audie Murphy) "You're telling them what they don't want, which is the same thing."

Michael Redgrave as Thomas Fowler

  • (Michael Redgrave) "He held her properly; not too close; the way you're supposed to hold another man's girl according to the rules."
  • (Michael Redgrave) "You should never trust anyone when there's a woman in the case."
  • (Michael Redgrave) "What's all the chattering and giggling about?"
  • (Giorgia Moll) "They think I have come back to you."
  • (Michael Redgrave) "I didn't know you were here."
  • (Phuong's Sister) "I'm dining with friends."
  • (Phuong's Sister) "Who is that man dancing with my sister?"
  • (Michael Redgrave) "An American."
  • (Phuong's Sister) "Is he wealthy?"
  • (Michael Redgrave) "That you'll have to ask him."
  • (Phuong's Sister) "He looks quiet and reliable. Is he married?"
  • (Michael Redgrave) "I told you you'll have to ask him."
  • (Phuong's Sister) "I would say not. Whenever an American is married, he looks married."
  • (Michael Redgrave) "You don't seem to be recovering much damaging evidence."
  • (Claude Dauphin) "There is nothing more dangerous than an American soft drink? Care for one?"
  • (Michael Redgrave) "Do you got a cigarette?"
  • (Audie Murphy) "Keep the pack. I've got some more."
  • (Michael Redgrave) "I asked for one cigarette, not economic aid. I don't want to be impressed by how many packs you've got."

Richard Loo as Mr. Heng

  • (Richard Loo) "Sooner or later, one has to take sides."

Claude Dauphin as Inspector Vigot

  • (Claude Dauphin) "If you will forgive my attempt at colloquial English, Mr. Fowler; they have made a bloody fool of you."
  • (Claude Dauphin) "You know that it is a mistake to say that communism is appealing to the mentally advanced. I think it is only true when the mentally advanced are also emotionally retarded."

Bruce Cabot as Bill Granger

  • (Bruce Cabot) "I mean the defense of this country was conceived in the 19th Century and being fought in the 20th from Beau Geste forts that were built a century before the trenches of Verdun."

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