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The Polar Express (film) Quotes

The Polar Express (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . The Polar Express completed its run in 1970.

It features Steve Starkey, Robert Zemeckis, Gary Goetzman, and William Teitler as producer, Alan Silvestri in charge of musical score, and Don Burgess, and Robert Presley as head of cinematography.

The Polar Express (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Polar Express (film) is 100 minutes long. The Polar Express (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Tom Hanks as Hero Boy, Dante Pastula as The Boy, Eddie Deezen as Know-It-All, Daryl Sabara as Hobo, Chantel Valdivieso as Hero Girl, and Andre Sogliuzzo as Smokey.

The Polar Express (film) Quotes

Dante Pastula as The Boy

  • (Dante Pastula) "Are you saying that this is all just a -- dream?"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "You said it, kid. Not me."
  • (Dante Pastula) "I'm looking for a girl."
  • (Daryl Sabara) "Well aren't we all?"
  • (Dante Pastula) "I believe."
  • (The Conductor) "Well, ya comin'?"
  • (Dante Pastula) "Where?"
  • (The Conductor) "To the North Pole, of course. This is the Polar Express."
  • (Dante Pastula) "Is everything all right? What do we do?"
  • (The Conductor) "Well, considering that we have lost communication with the engineer, and are standing totally exposed on the front of the locomotive, and the train seems to be accelerating, uncontrollably, not to mention that we are headed to Glacier Gulch, which just happens to be the steepest downhill grade in the world, I suggest we all hold on -- TIGHTLY."
  • (Dante Pastula) "I've wanted to do that my whole life."

Eddie Deezen as Know-It-All

  • (The Conductor) "-- It's five minutes to midnight."
  • (Eddie Deezen) "Hey, what gives? It was five minutes to midnight four minutes ago."
  • (The Conductor) "Exactly."
  • (The Conductor) "Who in the blazes applied that Emergency Brake?"
  • (Eddie Deezen) "He did."
  • (The Conductor) "You."
  • (The Conductor) "In case you didn't know, that cord is for emergency purposes only."
  • (The Conductor) "And in case you weren't aware, tonight is Christmas Eve and in case you hadn't noticed: This train is on a very tight schedule now, young man. Christmas may not be important to some people. But, it is very important to the rest of US."
  • (Dante Pastula) "But, but --"
  • (Chantel Valdivieso) "He was just trying to stop the train, so that kid could get on."
  • (The Conductor) "I see."
  • (The Conductor) "Young man, is that what happened?"
  • (The Conductor) "Well -- Let me remind you: we are on a very tight schedule."
  • (The Conductor) "And I've never been late before and I am certainly not going to be late tonight. Now, everybody, take your seats. Please."
  • (The Conductor) "Thank you."

Tom Hanks as Hero Boy

  • (Tom Hanks) "At one time most of my friends could hear the bell, but as years passed it fell silent for all of them. Even Sarah found one Christmas that she could no longer hear its sweet sound. Though I've grown old the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe."

Daryl Sabara as Hobo

  • (Daryl Sabara) "That skirt you're chasing must've moved on ahead. We got to high tail it to the hog, pronto."
  • (Tom Hanks) "The hog?"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "The engine. The engine, you tenderfoot. We've got to make it before we hit Flat-Top Tunnel."
  • (Tom Hanks) "Why?"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "So many questions. There's but one inch of clearance between the roof of this rattler and the top of Flat-Top Tunnel. Savvy?"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "One more thing -- do you believe in ghosts?"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "Interesting --"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "What exactly is -- is your persuasion on the Big Man, since you brought him up?"
  • (Dante Pastula) "Well, I -- I want to believe -- but --"
  • (Daryl Sabara) "But you don't want to be bamboozled. You don't want to be led down the primrose path. You don't want to be conned or duped. Have the wool pulled over your eyes. Hoodwinked. You don't want to be taken for a ride. Railroaded."
  • (Daryl Sabara) "Seeing is believing. Am I right?"

Chantel Valdivieso as Hero Girl

  • (Chantel Valdivieso) "It says "lead", like a lead balloon."
  • (The Conductor) "I believe that also spells "lead", as in leading others."
  • (The Conductor) "Follow you anywhere, ma'am."
  • (The Conductor) "There would be no Christmas without the Polar Express arriving on time. Am I the only one who understands that?"
  • (The Conductor) "You. I should have known. Young man, are you bound and determined that this train never reaches the North Pole?"
  • (Chantel Valdivieso) "But, look."
  • (The Conductor) "Caribou Crossing?"
  • (Andre Sogliuzzo) "I make this herd to be at least a 100,000, maybe even a million. It's going to be hours before they clear this track."
  • (Steamer) "A tough nut to crack."
  • (The Conductor) "We are in some serious jelly."
  • (Andre Sogliuzzo) "And a jam."
  • (Steamer) "Tight spot."
  • (Andre Sogliuzzo) "Up a creek."
  • (Steamer) "Up a tree."
  • (Andre Sogliuzzo) "Lost In the grass."
  • (Steamer) "I'll tell you what's grass: our a --"

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