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The Night Porter Quotes

The Night Porter is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Night Porter completed its run in 1970.

It features Robert Gordon Edwards as producer, Daniele Paris in charge of musical score, and Alfio Contini as head of cinematography.

The Night Porter is recorded in English and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of The Night Porter is 118 minutes long. The Night Porter is distributed by Ital-Noleggio Cinematografico (Italy).

The cast includes: Gabriele Ferzetti as Hans, Charlotte Rampling as Lucia, Dirk Bogarde as Max, Isa Miranda as Countess Stein, Amedeo Amodio as Bert, and Philippe Leroy as Klaus.

The Night Porter Quotes

Isa Miranda as Countess Stein

  • (Isa Miranda) "You were always insane, and you still are."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Sane, insane then -- hm. Who's to judge?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "And just you remember -- we're both in the same boat."

Gabriele Ferzetti as Hans

  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "I'm only here to ask you some questions on behalf of myself and the others, and to have a look at you. Look, I could have come at another time to see him too, but, I don't need to speak to him. I don't need to speak to him -- in front of you. Useless. With this business of the trial, he's -- become too diffident."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "He's right."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "What do you mean?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Because then for the first time he saw you all clearly. Nothing's changed, has it?"
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "You're wrong. We've all had our trials. Now we are cured and live in peace with ourselves."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "There's no cure."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "It is you who are ill. Otherwise, you wouldn't be with somebody who made you --"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "That's my affair."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "Very well. But nevertheless, your mind is disturbed. That's why you're here, fishing up the past."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Max is more than just the past."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "Listen. Why don't you go to the police? If you want to, I'll take you. Hm?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Dr. Fogler, I remember you so well. You gave a lot of orders."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "Then you can't have forgotten that your Max was an obedient Sturmscharführer. Remember?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I don't remember."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "I certainly can't oblige you to remember if you don't want to."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "I'm only here to ask you to testify, to find out -- if the situation in which you find yourself is of your own choice."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I'm all right here."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "Yes. You both want to live in peace, right? One lives in peace -- when one is in harmony with one's close friends, when one respects an agreement. Tell Max that. We could have denounced him to the police for the murder of Mario. But we didn't. Max is ill. He mustn't be too far away from us. He's locked you up here. We could go to the police about that, too, no?"
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I'm here of my own free will. This chain is because of you, so none of you can take me away."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "If we wanted to carry you off, would this chain stop us? You poor fool. A chain can be cut. None of us is thinking of violence."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Hmm, I know how your, your witnesses end up. Max told me."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "Max doesn't know what he's saying or doing. His mind is disordered."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Get out. Go away. Go away."
  • (Gabriele Ferzetti) "If you change your mind, if the chain grows heavy -- call me."

Charlotte Rampling as Lucia

  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Why?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "So they can't take you away."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Who?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Klaus -- Bert, Hans."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "It's nothing to laugh about."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "And if they come with a file?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Then you fight."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "DON'T LAUGH."

Dirk Bogarde as Max

  • (Dirk Bogarde) "There are no lines to Frankfurt. Why did you come here? Hm? Why did you come? WHY did you come?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Have you come to give me away? HAVE YOU?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Did you? Answer."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Did you? Why'd you come? Why'd you come? Why? Why? WHY."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Ah, no, no. Too fast, too fast. Too long. Too long."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "Oh, Max, Max --"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Tell me, why'd you come? Tell me. Tell me."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "I WANT YOU."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Tell me what to do. Tell me where to go. Tell me what to do."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "No --"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Tell me what to do."
  • (Charlotte Rampling) "No."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "I love you so."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "I met her again -- my little girl."
  • (Isa Miranda) "You mean, the little girl from then?"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "I found her again. I found her again. And no one must touch her."
  • (Isa Miranda) "Who'd dream of touching her?"
  • (Isa Miranda) "Oh, Max, be careful. Before she could testify against you, you should file her away."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Oh -- oh, no."
  • (Isa Miranda) "But --"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "No -- I love her."
  • (Isa Miranda) "What a madman."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "She was my little girl --"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "She was very young."
  • (Isa Miranda) "And now she's not."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "Yes. Yes, she -- she's exactly the same -- as she was for me."
  • (Isa Miranda) "Oh, Max --"
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "As she was then."
  • (Isa Miranda) "I've never seen you so much in love."
  • (Dirk Bogarde) "I -- I thought she was dead."
  • (Isa Miranda) "What a romantic story."

Amedeo Amodio as Bert

  • (Amedeo Amodio) "Well?"
  • (Philippe Leroy) "He doesn't answer. It's off the hook."
  • (Philippe Leroy) "Tell me, Bert. How long have you known Max?"
  • (Amedeo Amodio) "Let's not talk about it."
  • (Philippe Leroy) "You don't, er -- dance for him anymore?"
  • (Amedeo Amodio) "I've lost him."

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