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The New York Ripper Quotes

The New York Ripper is a television program that first aired in 1970 . The New York Ripper ended in 1970.

It features Fabrizio De Angelissfn, Howarth, 2015, p=246 as producer, Francesco De Masisfn, Howarth, 2015, p=246 in charge of musical score, Lugi Kuveillersfn, Howarth, 2015, and p=246 as head of cinematography.

Each episode of The New York Ripper is 85 minutes long.

The cast includes: Jack Hedley as Lt. Fred Williams, Cinzia de Ponti as Rosie, and Daniela Doria as Kitty.

The New York Ripper Quotes

Jack Hedley as Lt. Fred Williams

  • (Jack Hedley) "Would you get me some coffee?"
  • (Daniela Doria) "Sweetheart. I'm a prositute, not your wife. If you want coffee, make it yourself."
  • (Jack Hedley) "So, what's the good news, Barry?"
  • (Dr. Barry Jones, Coroner) "Well, from the pulmonary result, the cause of death was suffocation. Self-inflicted by the plastic bag thrown over his head."
  • (Jack Hedley) "What about the time of death?"
  • (Dr. Barry Jones, Coroner) "That I have for you exactly. Between four and five AM on Tuesday the 10th, eight days ago."
  • (Jack Hedley) "Eight days? Bulls***. That son-of-a-bitch murdered Kitty just four days ago. He couldn't have have been dead for eight days. You're wrong."
  • (Dr. Barry Jones, Coroner) "Come on, Barnaby. How long have we known each other? How long have I been a coroner? 16 years. Now, if I say the time of death was eight days ago, then the time of death was eight days ago. Sure, I admit I could be a few hours off, but no more."
  • (Jack Hedley) "Jesus Christ --"
  • (Dr. Barry Jones, Coroner) "Does it really matter?"
  • (Jack Hedley) "Yeah, it does."
  • (Chief of Police) "Fred, have you flipped out, or are you trying to give me an ulcer? A smart-ass coroner comes out with a little verbal diarrhea, and you immediately go around declaring there's a maniac loose in the city."
  • (Jack Hedley) "Yeah, so what do you want me to say? A boy scout's been widdling on girls with his knife?"
  • (Jack Hedley) "Well, if it isn't the big chief person himself."
  • (Chief of Police) "Hello, Fred. I need to talk to you and it's kind of hush-hush. Is there anywhere private where we can talk?"
  • (Jack Hedley) "Sure. How about the church across the street?"

Cinzia de Ponti as Rosie

  • (Red Volkswagen owner) "Hey. Watch where you're going."
  • (Cinzia de Ponti) "I'm sorry. I was thinking of Boston."
  • (Red Volkswagen owner) "You women are all the same. A menace to society. You women should stay at home where you belong. You've got the brains of a chicken."
  • (Cinzia de Ponti) "And you're an asshole. Ciao."

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