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The Liquidator (1965 film) Quotes

The Liquidator (1965 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Liquidator ended its run in 1970.

It features Leslie Elliot as producer, Lalo Schifrin in charge of musical score, and Edward Scaife as head of cinematography.

The Liquidator (1965 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Liquidator (1965 film) is 105 minutes long. The Liquidator (1965 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1965, original) Warner Bros. (2012, DVD).

The cast includes: Rod Taylor as 'Boysie' Oakes, Trevor Howard as Colonel Mostyn, Jennifer Jayne as Janice Benedict, John Le Mesurier as Chekhov, David Tomlinson as Quadrant, and Richard Wattis as Flying Instructor.

The Liquidator (1965 film) Quotes

Trevor Howard as Colonel Mostyn

  • (Trevor Howard) "Were they together?"
  • (Martin, codename Fly) "No sir, they did not even seem to know each other."
  • (Trevor Howard) "That bloody well proves it."
  • (Trevor Howard) "If I may propose a toast to 'L'. 'L' is your official identification."
  • (Rod Taylor) "'L'. Does that stand for anything in particular?"
  • (Trevor Howard) "'L', I omited to tell you, stands for 'Liquidator'. Your a 'special' Special Agent. Your job is to kill for us."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Never dust a probe to deep if you know what I mean."
  • (Trevor Howard) "In case the blood is stiring in your lecherous veines let me tell you rule no one: spies are not allowed to meet with office birds after hours. Violations of this is punishable with up to ten years imprisonment."
  • (Martin, codename Fly) "This is Fly, sir."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Oh hello, Buttons."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Poor Francis Ann has gone to rest, safe at last on Abrahams breast Which may be rough for Francis Ann --"
  • (Rod Taylor) "But certainly sexy for Abraham."
  • (Trevor Howard) "I would like to remind you that life is not all sex and sunlamps. You start serious training tomorrow. Early."

Rod Taylor as 'Boysie' Oakes

  • (Rod Taylor) "You sucked me into this you horrifying old monster."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Don't be ridiculous Boysie, you belong to this life. You could'nt do without it."
  • (Rod Taylor) "Just get me out of here, I'm scared sick."
  • (Richard Wattis) "Were all scared -- from time to time."
  • (Bodelaire Sheriek) "Now, I am asking you the question again: why are you here?"
  • (Rod Taylor) "Because you brought me here, you screaming old nit."
  • (Rod Taylor) "Good evening Colonel, you caught me lying down."
  • (Trevor Howard) "Who with?"
  • (Rod Taylor) "Flesh and blood can only stand so much."
  • (Rod Taylor) "I can see the ground."
  • (Richard Wattis) "Take absolutely no notice of it."
  • (Rod Taylor) "All very well for you."
  • (Rod Taylor) "What a marvelous coincidence. Going my way?"
  • (Iris MacIntosh) "Which way?"
  • (Rod Taylor) "Eh, my place for coffee. Well, we have nothing to do."
  • (Iris MacIntosh) "The invitation is just resistable tonight."
  • (Rod Taylor) "But we may not have another night."
  • (Iris MacIntosh) "That's up to you, is'nt it, Boysie. Taxi."

Jennifer Jayne as Janice Benedict

  • (Jennifer Jayne) "Boysie, I'm glowing."

John Le Mesurier as Chekhov

  • (Bodelaire Sheriek) "Yes, What do you want?"
  • (John Le Mesurier) "Bodelaire, I'm Chekhov."
  • (Bodelaire Sheriek) "Huh?"
  • (John Le Mesurier) "If only we could sell the house and go back to Moscow."
  • (Bodelaire Sheriek) "What are you talk -- oh yes, yes of course, the password. Uhm, just a minute ehm -- ah -- life is just a bowl of cherry orchards? No?"
  • (John Le Mesurier) "No."
  • (Bodelaire Sheriek) "Oh. well, of course: but first we must cut down the orchards."
  • (John Le Mesurier) "Hmm."

David Tomlinson as Quadrant

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