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The Linguini Incident Quotes

The Linguini Incident is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Linguini Incident stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sarah Jackson as producer, Thomas Newman in charge of musical score, and Robert Yeoman as head of cinematography.

The Linguini Incident is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Linguini Incident is 98 minutes long. The Linguini Incident is distributed by Academy Entertainment.

The cast includes: Rosanna Arquette as Lucy, Eszter Balint as Vivian, and David Bowie as Monte.

The Linguini Incident Quotes

Eszter Balint as Vivian

  • (Eszter Balint) "You don't just make out with someone in a meat locker who you're indifferent to."
  • (Eszter Balint) "You need to get laid."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "YOU need to get laid."
  • (Eszter Balint) "I don't need to get laid. I stored it up before me and Hector broke up."
  • (Rosanna Arquette) "Stored up? What are you, a chipmunk?"
  • (James) "You're going to have to take that rag off your face if you expect her to read your lips."
  • (Eszter Balint) "She can read my tits."

David Bowie as Monte

  • (David Bowie) "AGGH. God, you're alive. I thought that rabbit was eating your head."
  • (Woman) "Are you the Ethereal Lucy?"
  • (David Bowie) "That's Lucy the Ethereal."
  • (Woman) "And who might you be?"
  • (David Bowie) "Monte -- the Emasculated."

Rosanna Arquette as Lucy

  • (Rosanna Arquette) "We should go to the park this weekend and watch all the children shooting squirrels with their BB guns."
  • (Eszter Balint) "True. We don't appreciate nature, enough."

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