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The Journey of August King Quotes

The Journey of August King is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . The Journey of August King ended in 1970.

It features Sam Waterston as producer, Stephen Endelman in charge of musical score, and Sławomir Idziak as head of cinematography.

The Journey of August King is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Journey of August King is 91 minutes long.

The cast includes: Jason Patric as August King, and Thandie Newton as Annalees.

The Journey of August King Quotes

Jason Patric as August King

  • (Harry (Son)) "Gracie."
  • (Ben) "One of my bravest. Scars from 14 battles, if a one."
  • (Jason Patric) "I see 'em."
  • (Ben) "Father was a huntin' hound. Mother a German dog, Tan."
  • (Jason Patric) "Might live, you doctor it."
  • (Ben) "Eh, never get the courage back."
  • (Ben) "I know dogs."
  • (Ben) "He's mangled her innards. Can't digest bread."
  • (Jason Patric) "Can chew it any way."
  • (Unnamed) "Come away, Rebekah. They're gonna have to send him up to the fields."
  • (Unnamed) "Why they have to do that?"
  • (Unnamed) "'Cause he can't walk anymore."
  • (Narrator) "In the North Carolina mountains, the early settlers traveled the roads taking their stock down to the market, and trekking back up again with supplies, and new stock for the months ahead. Among them was a man named August King. He had been waiting his turn most of his life, never doing anything much different from one day to the next. He was alone on his journey, walking at his own gate, slow and steady, making his fate home."
  • (Jason Patric) "I was right well-to-do. All in a day or two, I've lost everything. But I've never been so proud."

Thandie Newton as Annalees

  • (Thandie Newton) "I ate leaves this mornin'. They went through me like a fire."
  • (Thandie Newton) "No one ever teach you how to chew?"
  • (Jason Patric) "No one teach me how to starve."

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