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The Joe Louis Story Quotes

The Joe Louis Story is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . The Joe Louis Story stopped airing in 1970.

It features Stirling Silliphant as producer, George Bassman in charge of musical score, and Joseph C. Brun as head of cinematography.

The Joe Louis Story is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Joe Louis Story is 88 minutes long. The Joe Louis Story is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Carl 'Rocky' Latimer as Arthur Pine, Dots Johnson as Julian Black, Coley Wallace as Joe Louis, Herbert Ratner as Newspaper man, Paul Stewart as Tad McGeehan, Hilda Silmms as Marva Louis, and Evelyn Ellis as Mrs. Barrows.

The Joe Louis Story Quotes

Paul Stewart as Tad McGeehan

  • (Paul Stewart) "And so tonight I saw the last fight in the career of one of the greatest fighters of all time. There are none among us who will not write finesse to the end of an era; those of us who have come the full road with Joe Louis. From an open faced cabin in an Alabama cotton patch, from the early days in Detroit, through the years when no man by Schmeling ever stood over him for the long count. Those who watched him grow a hesitant boy into a manhood he made rich with his great goodwill and deep humility. Those among us who saw in his rise a bright and permanent hope for all kids who start on backstreets. Those who love him and those who consider him a credit to the human race. Joe lost his wife, lost his title, lost his beloved Chappie. But out of it all, he found himself. And from me who knows him better than most, I can see a beginning, not an end. And from all of us tonight, champ, good luck."

Evelyn Ellis as Mrs. Barrows

  • (Evelyn Ellis) "What happened, son?"
  • (Coley Wallace) "He beat me, Ma."
  • (Evelyn Ellis) "Did you do your best?"
  • (Coley Wallace) "I didn't do my best before the fight."

Carl 'Rocky' Latimer as Arthur Pine

  • (Carl 'Rocky' Latimer) "Johnson says he'll make us a million dollars."
  • ('Chappie' Blackburn) "And what else?"
  • (Carl 'Rocky' Latimer) "Something one of the boys said; that we gotta remember Joe's a colored fighter. And as a colored fighter, he's got two strikes against him already."
  • ('Chappie' Blackburn) "What did Jacobs say?"
  • (Dots Johnson) "Jacobs says he'll make Joe champion."
  • ('Chappie' Blackburn) "Can he do it without the Garden? Well, which one do we go with, Chappie?"
  • (Coley Wallace) "We'll go with the man who will make us champion -- Chappie."

Coley Wallace as Joe Louis

  • (Coley Wallace) "Are you a Detroit girl?"
  • (Hilda Silmms) "No. I live in Chicago. I'm just here for a visit."
  • (Coley Wallace) "Whereabout in Chicago?"
  • (Hilda Silmms) "I'm in the book."
  • (Coley Wallace) "What am I doing wrong, Chappie?"
  • ('Chappie' Blackburn) "You already done it."
  • (Unnamed) "Hey, Joe. Did you read that Dempsy will be in Baer's corner?"
  • (Coley Wallace) "Mmhmm."
  • (Unnamed) "Well, does Demspy being in Baer's corner bother you?"
  • (Coley Wallace) "Can Dempsy hit me from there?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Coley Wallace) "Then he won't bother me."
  • (Nick - Announcer) "Congratulation, Joe."
  • (Coley Wallace) "Thanks, Nick. We got lucky."
  • (Nick - Announcer) "You're the heavyweight champion of the world."
  • (Coley Wallace) "Not yet, I'm not."
  • ('Chappie' Blackburn) "What'd you mean?"
  • (Coley Wallace) "Not until I beat Schmeling."

Herbert Ratner as Newspaper man

  • (Herbert Ratner) "Tad, you missed the greatest fight of the year. This Marciano's another Dempsy. Louis is through for real now. He should've quit while he was ahead. What are you doing here? I thought you were goin' home. Well, Rocky almost knocked him out of the ring. The kid's got a punch like a ten-ton truck. He'll be the next champ for sure. Well, I'd better go write my story."
  • (Paul Stewart) "Lou -- I'll write the story."
  • (Herbert Ratner) "But you didn't see the fight."
  • (Paul Stewart) "I'll write the real story."

Hilda Silmms as Marva Louis

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