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The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Quotes

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Ghost and Mr. Chicken stopped airing in 1970.

It features Edward J. Montagne, Jr. as producer, Vic Mizzy in charge of musical score, and William Margulies as head of cinematography.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is 90 minutes long. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Don Knotts as Luther Heggs, Hope Summers as Suzanna Blush, Charles Lane as Whitlow, Nydia Westman as Mrs. Cobb, Liam Redmond as Kelsey, Reta Shaw as Halcyon Maxwell, Cliff Norton as Herkie, Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Natalie Miller, Harry Hickox as Police Chief Art Fuller, James Millhollin as Milo Maxwell, Skip Homeier as Ollie Weaver, Robert Cornthwaite as Springer, Jim Boles as Billy Ray Fox, and Philip Ober as Nicholas Simmons.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken Quotes

Nydia Westman as Mrs. Cobb

  • (Nydia Westman) "And they used Bon Ami."

Philip Ober as Nicholas Simmons

  • (Philip Ober) "What kind of a man runs his bank at the whims of his wife?"
  • (James Millhollin) "Well, You -- you just don't know Mrs. Maxwell."
  • (Philip Ober) "In heaven's name I've waited 20 years for this."
  • (James Millhollin) "Well, she owns 51 percent of the bank's stock, for Pete's sake."
  • (Philip Ober) "Don't tell me your wife believes all that Luther Heggs hogwash."
  • (James Millhollin) "With all her heart. She came home last night and vibrated for an hour."

Skip Homeier as Ollie Weaver

  • (Skip Homeier) "The horribleness and awfulness of it will never actually be forgotten?"

Don Knotts as Luther Heggs

  • (Don Knotts) "That's right, karate -- made my whole body a weapon."
  • (Don Knotts) "Oh, don't panic. Don't panic."
  • (Don Knotts) "When you work with words, words are your work."
  • (Don Knotts) "I guess if you cut me, I'd bleed ink."
  • (Don Knotts) "All right, you two guys. You'd just better watch it. You see these two hands? They're just as hard as steel."
  • (Heavyset Man at Police Station) "Hey, look at him, Billy Ray. He's a karate champion. We'd better watch ourselves."
  • (Jim Boles) "Yeah, go ahead, Luther."
  • (Heavyset Man at Police Station) "Do something."
  • (Don Knotts) "Why don't you run up an alley and holler fish."
  • (Don Knotts) "Calm? Do "murder" and "calm" go together? Calm and murder? Murder?"
  • (Don Knotts) "Mr. Boob, that's me. B double O B; boob."
  • (Heavyset Man at Police Station) "Yeah Luther, what you gonna do about it?"
  • (Don Knotts) "Why don't you run up an alley and holler fish?"
  • (Don Knotts) "Well, me, I just don't happen to believe in ghosts -- particularly."
  • (Don Knotts) "It was terrible. It was just terrible. I'll never get over it as long as I live."

Harry Hickox as Police Chief Art Fuller

  • (Harry Hickox) "I'm sorry Mrs. Maxwell, Nicolas Simmons gave me strict orders. No one's allowed on this property."
  • (Reta Shaw) "Oh Mr. Fuller you don't seem to understand. We're followers, we're on the path of the occult."
  • (Harry Hickox) "I'm afraid you won't find anything like that around here."
  • (Reta Shaw) "Oh well it's obvious you don't understand. Our society is dedicated to contacting the other world."
  • (Harry Hickox) "The communists?"
  • (Reta Shaw) "The spiritual world."

Charles Lane as Whitlow

  • (Charles Lane) "I'm asking you a question, Heggs. Can't you curb your imagination for one minute?"
  • (Don Knotts) "Can't you curb your tongue for a minute?"
  • (Man in audience) "Atta boy, Luther."

Hope Summers as Suzanna Blush

  • (Hope Summers) "It's Calver Weems. He's DEAD. He's been MURDERED."
  • (Don Knotts) "Well don't panic. DON'T PANIC."
  • (Hope Summers) "Oh Luther. Luther. It was terrible. He was walking along the streen when: BANG. Right on the head."
  • (Hope Summers) "With that."
  • (Don Knotts) "Well did you see who did it?"
  • (Hope Summers) "No, it was just: BANG. Right on the head. With that."
  • (Don Knotts) "Well I'll just get a picture of it. Lets see -- f32 -- and it's dark, it's been rainin' -- and uh -- Oh for heaven's sake STAND BACK Suzanna. Stand back. Get out of the way. And for heaven's sake don't TOUCH anything. This is all EVIDENCE."
  • (Hope Summers) "He was just walking down the street when: BANG. Right on the head."
  • (Don Knotts) "All right, I'll get a picture of the murder weapon --"
  • (Hope Summers) "BANG. Right on the head. I was just getting ready to brush my teeh and watch Lawrence Welk, then I looked out the window and: BANG --"
  • (Don Knotts) "For heaven's sake Suzanna pull yourself together. I'm goin down to the Police Station. Now you get on the phone and call my editor."
  • (Hope Summers) "WHO?"
  • (Don Knotts) "George Beckett. tell him to get down to the police station as soon as possible. And for heaven's sakes, whatever you do, KEEP your HEAD."

Reta Shaw as Halcyon Maxwell

  • (Reta Shaw) "You don't seem to realize the cosmic importance of this."
  • (Reta Shaw) "Why, this is bigger than the, than the Whispering Steeple in Kansas City."

James Millhollin as Milo Maxwell

  • (James Millhollin) "Oh, I-I-I-I'm so sorry that I'm late, but we had a seance at the house last night and it ran on until all hours."

Lurene Tuttle as Mrs. Natalie Miller

  • (Mrs. Hutchinson) "I was only two blocks away that awful night, at my sister Clara's. We we sort of -- listening to the organ, you know -- the midnight bells were ringing -- I turned to Clara and said, "Clara; the organ music sounds strange tonight." --"
  • (Lurene Tuttle) "Well -- what did Clara say?"
  • (Mrs. Hutchinson) "She said, "Yes, it does." You know Clara."
  • (Lurene Tuttle) "Well, they say there are still bloodstains on the organ keys --"
  • (Mrs. Hutchinson) "That's right; they've never been able to get them off."
  • (Nydia Westman) "And they used Bon-Ami."
  • (Lurene Tuttle) "Everybody says he still comes there and plays, at midnight --"
  • (Nydia Westman) "Doesn't play as well as he used to."

Robert Cornthwaite as Springer

Cliff Norton as Herkie

  • (Cliff Norton) "You're C. of C, and you're OK -- You're C. of C, and you're OK -- You're -Hey. You're not C. of C.."
  • (The Rotarian at picnic) "I'm Rotary."
  • (Cliff Norton) "GET OUTTA HERE."

Liam Redmond as Kelsey

  • (Liam Redmond) "You know why you thought you saw a murder out there, Luther? 'Cause that's a murder house."

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