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The Foreigner (2003 film) Quotes

The Foreigner (2003 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Foreigner completed its run in 1970.

It features Andrew Stevens as producer, David Wurst in charge of musical score, and Michael Slovis as head of cinematography.

The Foreigner (2003 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Foreigner (2003 film) is 96 minutes long. The Foreigner (2003 film) is distributed by Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment.

The cast includes: Sherman Augustus as Mimms, Max Ryan as Dunoir, Steven Seagal as Jonathon Cold, Anna-Louise Plowman as Merideth Van Aitken, Gary Raymond as Jared Olyphant, and Philip Dunbar as Alexander Morquest.

The Foreigner (2003 film) Quotes

Max Ryan as Dunoir

  • (Max Ryan) "Now, no more bedtime stories. Where's the package?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "What package?"
  • (Max Ryan) "You're running out of hiding places my friend. Do you believe I found this barn through premonition? Do what you can to eliminate the innocent from this equation."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Well, then it looks like you've been had, Dunoir. Because Meredith may have sent you to kill me, but she's already got the package, and I thought you were a lot smarter than that."
  • (Max Ryan) "No, no, no, no, no. You're much smarter than that. I know you like I know myself."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Well I'll tell you what then, why don't you go ahead and kill me? Start your own little easter egg hunt."
  • (Steven Seagal) "That sets off a homing device. Folks'll come and find you in a couple of meters."
  • (Max Ryan) "That's, who'll know where to find you?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Foreign ops."
  • (Max Ryan) "Well how do you stop it?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "You don't, it's too late."
  • (Max Ryan) "Son of a bitch, they know you're here: the C.I.A."
  • (Steven Seagal) "And if there's one of them, there's gonna be more of them right behind. You can bet on that."
  • (Max Ryan) "Alright, you've bought some time. I'll go to his wife, get the package, I'll deal with her, then we walk away."
  • (Steven Seagal) "I'd love to walk away."

Steven Seagal as Jonathon Cold

  • (Steven Seagal) "Jared, aren't you a little old for this cloak-and-dagger shit?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "You like the dollar bill?"
  • (Sherman Augustus) "Dead presidents. Greenbacks. You care to expound."
  • (Steven Seagal) "You know, you kind of look like Ray Charles. Then again, old Ray can't shoot as good as you, right."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Don't do that. If you touch it again, I will blow your 2-inch dick off."
  • (Steven Seagal) "I'd say the only thing that's unexpected is that I'm still alive."

Sherman Augustus as Mimms

  • (Sherman Augustus) "The ball is in your court for the next two minutes. You fuck up --"
  • (Sherman Augustus) "-- at least I get to kill a legend."
  • (Sherman Augustus) "Sweet dreams Bruce Lee."

Anna-Louise Plowman as Merideth Van Aitken

  • (Anna-Louise Plowman) "Do you have a family?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Yeah, I have a brother."
  • (Anna-Louise Plowman) "Older or younger?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "-- Wiser."
  • (Anna-Louise Plowman) "Mr. Cold, I can assure you that the least I am is naive."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Naivity is not what I accuse you of, Miss Van Aitken. However, arrogance does come to mind. So I'll leave you with this in mind: trying to kill me was your first and last mistake."
  • (Anna-Louise Plowman) "Then you are a man of principle?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Listen. Everybody's got their choice as to how they stay alive. Some of us just don't know it."

Gary Raymond as Jared Olyphant

  • (Gary Raymond) "Too cold for false alarms."
  • (Philip Dunbar) "It's to cold for ice cubes."

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