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The Final Problem (Sherlock) Quotes

The Final Problem (Sherlock) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Final Problem ended its run in 1970.

It features Sue Vertue as producer, and David Arnold; Michael Price in charge of musical score.

The Final Problem (Sherlock) Quotes

  • (Eurus Holmes) "Smiling is advertising. Happiness is a pop song. Sadness is a poem"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "So, who loves you? I'm assuming it's not a long list."
  • (Eurus Holmes) "Is that vibrato or is your hand shaking?"
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "I think it's time you told me your real name."
  • (Girl on Plane) "I'm not allowed to tell my name to strangers."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "But I'm not a stranger, am I? I'm your brother. I'm here, Eurus."
  • (Eurus Holmes) "You're playing with me, Sherlock. We're playing the game."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "The game. Yes, I get it now. The song was never a set of directions."
  • (Eurus Holmes) "I'm in the plane. I'm going to crash. And you're going to save me."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Look how brilliant you are. Your mind has created the perfect metaphor. You're high above us, all alone in the sky, and you understand everything except how to land. Now, I'm just an idiot. But I'm on the ground. I can bring you home."
  • (Eurus Holmes) "No. No, no. It's too late."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "No, it's not. It's not too late."
  • (Eurus Holmes) "Every time I close my eyes, I'm on the plane. I'm lost. Lost in the sky and -- No one can hear me."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Open your eyes. I'm here. You're not lost any more."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Now -- You -- You just -- You just went the wrong way last time, that's all. This time, get it right. Tell me how to save my friend."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Eurus. Help me save John Watson."
  • (Jim Moriarty) "Hello. My name's Jim Moriarty. Welcome to the final problem."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Doctor Watson, why would he do that to me? That was insane."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Uh, yes. Well someone convinced him that you wouldn't tell the truth unless you were actually wetting yourself."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Someone?"
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Probably me."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Well done, Doctor Watson. How useful you are. Do you have a suspicion we're being made to compete?"
  • (Dr. John Watson) "No, we're not competing. There's a plane in the air that's gonna crash. So what we're doing is actually trying to save a little girl. Today we have to be soldiers, Mycroft. Soldiers. And that means to hell with what happens to us."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Your priorities do you credit."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "No, my priorities just got a woman killed."
  • (Mary Watson) "P.S. I know you two. And if I'm gone, I know what you could become. Because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high. And the doctor who never came home from the war. Will you listen to me? Who you really are, it doesn't matter. It's all about the legend, the stories, the adventures. There is a last refuge for the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted. There is a final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails, there are two men sitting, arguing in a scruffy flat, like they've always been there and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known, my Baker Street boys, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson."
  • (Eurus Holmes) "Mycroft told me you'd rewritten your memories. He didn't tell me you'd written me out completely."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "What do you mean, "rewritten"?"
  • (Eurus Holmes) "You still don't know about Redbeard, do you? Oh. This is going to be such a good day."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Not in the face, though Please. I promised my brain to the Royal Society."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Where would you suggest?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Well, I supposed there is a heart somewhere inside me. I don't imagine it's much of a target, but -- why don't we try for that?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "We're not actually going to discuss this, are we? I'm sorry, Doctor Watson. You are a fine man in many respects. Make your goodbyes and shoot him. Shoot him."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "What?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Shoot Doctor Watson. There's no question who has to continue from here. It's us. You and me. Whatever lies ahead requires brain power, Sherlock. Not sentiment. Don't prolong his agony. Shoot him."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Do I get a say in this?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Today we are soldiers. Soldiers die for their country. I regret, Doctor Watson, that privilege is now yours."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Shit. He's right. He is, in fact, right."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Make it swift. No need to prolong his agony. Get it over with, and we can get to work. God. I should have expected this. Pathetic. You always were the slow one. The idiot. That's why I always despised you. You shame us all. You shame the family name. Now, for once for your life, do the right thing. Put this stupid little man out of all our misery. Shoot him."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Stop it."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Look at him. What is he? Nothing more than a distraction, a little scrap of ordinariness for you to impress, to dazzle with your cleverness. You'll find another."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Please, for God's sake, just stop it."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Why?"
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Because, on balance, even your Lady Bracknell was more convincing. Ignore everything he just said, he's being kind. He's trying to make it easy for me to kill him. Which is why this is going to be so much harder."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "ou said you liked my Lady Bracknell."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Sherlock, don't."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "It's not your decision, Doctor Watson. Not in the face, though. Please. I promised my brain to the Royal Society."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Where would you suggest?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Well, I suppose there is a heart somewhere inside me. I don't imagine it's much of a target, but -- why don't we try for that?"
  • (Dr. John Watson) "I won't allow this."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "This is my fault. Moriarty."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Moriarty?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Her Christmas treat. Five minutes' conversation with Jim Moriarty five years ago."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "What did they discuss?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Five minutes' conversation -- unsupervised."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Goodbye, brother mine -- No flowers -- By request."
  • (Girl on Plane) "Mummy?"
  • (Girl on Plane) "Mummy. Wake up. Wake up. Mummy."
  • (Young Police Officer) "Is that him, sir? Sherlock Holmes?"
  • (DI Lestrade) "A fan, are you?"
  • (Young Police Officer) "Well, he's a great man, sir."
  • (DI Lestrade) "No, he's better than that. He's a good one."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "There's a place for people like you, the desperate, the terrified, the ones with nowhere else to run."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "What place?"
  • (Dr. John Watson) "221B Baker Street."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "This is a private matter."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "John stays."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "This is family."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "That's why he stays."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Hey bro."
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "The roads we walked have demons beneath. And yours have been waiting for a very long time."
  • (Mrs. Hudson) "Would you like a cup of tea?"
  • (Mycroft Holmes) "Thank you."
  • (Mrs. Hudson) "The kettle's over there."
  • (Jim Moriarty) "I wrote my own version of the Nativity when I was a child. "The Hungry Donkey". It was a bit gory. But if you're gonna put a baby in a manger, you're asking for trouble."
  • (Prison Governor) "Mister Moriarty."
  • (Jim Moriarty) "Big G. Big G means governor. Street speak. I'm a bit down with the kids, you know. I'm relatable that way. Do you like my boys? This one's got more stamina, but he's less caring in the afterglow."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Look, I know this is difficult and I know you're being tortured. But you have got to keep it together."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "This isn't torture. This is vivisection. We're experiencing science from the perspective of lab rats."
  • (Sherlock Holmes) "Soldiers."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "Soldiers."
  • (Dr. John Watson) "You might wanna close that window. There is an east wind coming."

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