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The Dundies Quotes

The Dundies is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Dundies stopped airing in 1970.

The Dundies Quotes

  • (Michael Scott) "And the Tight Ass Award goes to Angela. Not only because she is everybody's favorite stickler, but because she has a great caboose. So, come on down."
  • (Angela) "No."
  • (Michael Scott) "And this next award is going out to our own little Pam Beesly. I think we all know what award Pam is gonna be getting this year. It is the Whitest Sneakers Award, because she always has the whitest tennis shoes on. Get on down here. Pam Beesly, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, here we go."
  • (Pam Beesly) "I have so many people to thank for this award. Okay, first off, my Keds, because I couldn't have done it without them. Thank you. Let's give Michael a round of applause for emceeing tonight, because this is a lot harder than it looks."
  • (Pam Beesly) "And also because of Dwight, too."
  • (Pam Beesly) "So, finally, I wanna thank God, because God gave me this Dundie and I feel God in this Chili's tonight."
  • (Pam Beesly) "Oh, my God. I just want to say that this was the best Dundies ever."
  • (Michael Scott) "Was this year's Dundies a success? Well, let me see. I made Pam laugh so hard that she fell out of her chair and she almost broke her neck. So I killed, almost."
  • (Unnamed) "We have a strict policy here not to over-serve. Apparently, this young woman was sneaking drinks off of other people's tables. I Xeroxed her driver's license, and she is not welcome at this restaurant chain ever again."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "So what's the joke? You're not perfect, either."
  • (Michael Scott) "A lot of the people here don't get trophies very often, like Meridith or Kevin. I mean, who's gonna give Kevin an award? Dunkin' Donuts?"
  • (Michael Scott) "TMI? Too much information. It's just easier to say TMI. I used to say, "Don't go there," but that's lame."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "So, what's the joke? You're not perfect, either."
  • (Pam Beesly) "We're not laughing at you, Dwight."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "So, who are we laughing at?"
  • (Pam Beesly) "Just something somebody wrote."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Who, Dave Barry?"
  • (Kelly) "No, no. Just something that was written on the ladies' room wall."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "What is it? Who wrote it?"
  • (Pam Beesly) "It's kind of private."
  • (Phyllis) "It's about Michael."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "That is defacement of company property, so you better tell me. Kelly, if you tell me, you'll be punished less."
  • (Pam Beesly) "Okay, now I'm laughing at you."
  • (Jim Halpert) "What a great year for the Dundies. We got to see Ping and we learned Michael's true feelings for Ryan, which was touching. And we heard Michael change the lyrics to a number of classic songs, which, for me, has ruined them for life."

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