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The Devil's Rejects Quotes

The Devil's Rejects is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . The Devil's Rejects completed its run in 1970.

It features Tyler Bates in charge of musical score, and Phil Parmet as head of cinematography.

The Devil's Rejects is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Devil's Rejects is 109 minutes long. The Devil's Rejects is distributed by Lionsgate.

The cast includes: Bill Moseley as Otis B. Driftwood, Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby, Sid Haig as Captain J.T. Spaulding, Jordan Orr as Jamie, Lew Temple as Adam Banjo, Geoffrey Lewis as Roy Sullivan, Bill Moseley as Otis, Michael Berryman as Clevon, Elizabeth Daily as Candy, William Forsythe as Sheriff John Wydell, Kate Norby as Wendy Banjo, Priscilla Barnes as Gloria Sullivan, Robert Trebor as Marty Walker, Diamond Dallas Page as Billy Ray Snapper, Danny Trejo as Rondo, P. J. Soles as Susan, Brian Posehn as Jimmy, Dave Sheridan as Officer Ray Dobson, Tom Towles as George Wydell, Ken Foree as Charlie Altamont, Ginger Lynn Allen as Fanny, Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding, and Sheri Moon Zombie as Darrell.

The Devil's Rejects Quotes

Bill Moseley as Otis B. Driftwood

  • (Bill Moseley) "Are you staring at my sister and thinking bad thoughts?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "No."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Well why not? You a faggot?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "No."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Well what are you? I mean, you got this hot piece of ass shaking her shit right in front of you and your'e not getting any ideas? What do you call that?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Does she like it when you puke? I mean is that part of your deal?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work."
  • (Bill Moseley) "I want you to see what happens to heroes --"
  • (Bill Moseley) "I want you to pray to your god. I want you to pray that he comes and saves you. I want lightning to come and crash down upon my fucking head."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "I will pray -- Jesus --"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Louder."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Bless the bunnies, bless the little birds, bless the --"
  • (Bill Moseley) "I don't feel anything."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Bless the springtime morning --"
  • (Bill Moseley) "ooo aaah I feel it. Oh great god almighty I repent, I repent. Oh I feel the love of the god, god, god almighty. Oh the holy spirit is in my body."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Gimme some sugar, bitch. Make it sweet."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Hurry up and don't take too fucking long."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Fuck you."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Fuck you."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Fuck you."
  • (Bill Moseley) "I was going to take it easy on you and make it fast, but then you had to go and play the fucking hero."
  • (Bill Moseley) "We regret to inform you that the show "Banjo and Sullivan" will be cancelled tonight."
  • (Bill Moseley) "There is no fuckin' ice cream in your fuckin' future."
  • (Bill Moseley) "You had to come all fuckin' big stick, walkin' tall, like a big fuckin' hero. Got yourself to blame, hero. Look at you now, hero, you're gonna fuckin' bleed to death."

Sid Haig as Captain J.T. Spaulding

  • (Sid Haig) "And you remember happy boy."
  • (Ken Foree) "Hey You still an asshole?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Fuck you."
  • (Sid Haig) "Tutti Fuckin Fruity."
  • (Sid Haig) "If you're gonna start the killing, you best start it right here. Make sure I'm all the way dead, because I'll come back and make you my bitch."
  • (Sid Haig) "What's the matter, kid? Don't ya like clowns?"
  • (Jordan Orr) "No --"
  • (Sid Haig) "Why? Don't we make ya laugh? Aren't we fuckin' funny? You best come up with an answer, cos I'm gonna come back here and check on you and your momma and if you ain't got a reason why you hate clowns, I'm gonna kill your whole fucking family."
  • (Jordan Orr) "Please --"
  • (Sid Haig) "All right, now get your fuckin' ass out the car. Go on. Yayayayayaya."
  • (Sid Haig) "I'm gonna have to be taking your car today. See I have some top secret clown business that supersedes any plans that you might have for this here vehicle."
  • (P. J. Soles) "What's that about clown business?"
  • (Sid Haig) "Do I stutter, bitch?"
  • (Sid Haig) "Where the hell you goin'? Damn it. Don't you NEVER turn your back on a fuckin' clown when he's talkin' to you."

William Forsythe as Sheriff John Wydell

  • (William Forsythe) "Fuck Groucho."
  • (William Forsythe) "All right, Dobson. It's about time what we came here to do to what the good lord says in the good book as "a cleansing of the wicked"."
  • (Dave Sheridan) "Sir, you think we're gonna die here today?"
  • (William Forsythe) "Dyin's not an option. Now, you stick that back in that gray matter of yours and you make that stick. 'Cause any other thought is gonna get you cold slabed, toe taged, and mailed home to your mamma in a plastic bag. Are we crystal?"
  • (Dave Sheridan) "Crystal, Sir."
  • (William Forsythe) "Gentlemen, let's do what God made us to do."
  • (William Forsythe) "What's that I smell? I smell RABBIT."
  • (William Forsythe) "Oh man. I could hear that bone shatter all the way from back here."
  • (William Forsythe) "I'll bet them old farm boys love you."
  • (Mother Firefly) "Everyone loves me. Don't you pretend you don't fancy me."
  • (William Forsythe) "Oh why, yes Maa'm. I find you quite irresistible."
  • (William Forsythe) "You know I got to thank you all -- sniffs -- for helping me understand what my heritage is. You see the Wydells, they always been vigilante justice. Now my grand-daddy, he rode with the likes of Tom Horn killin' scum like you for a livin'. We've always been devil slayers"
  • (William Forsythe) "WAKE UP. See, I tried to walk the line but now I realize there is no line. Now we here, we are playin' on a level that most will never see. I know my brother George he didn't see it."
  • (Sid Haig) "Maybe he had a divine moment when his brains hit the floor."
  • (William Forsythe) "Yeah well, maybe you will too."
  • (William Forsythe) "I'm, I'm walking the line on this brother. I'm -- I'm walking line."
  • (Tom Towles) "Well, mother pin a rose on me, that is so great."
  • (Tom Towles) "I want these motherfuckers dead. Kill 'em."
  • (William Forsythe) "You listen to me, and you listen good. I am gonna kill every member of your family. I'm gonna hunt them down like the animals they are, and I'm gonna skin em' alive. They are going to feel the pain and suffering of every last victim. They're gonna crawl on on their hands and knees, and they're gonna beg me for mercy. But all I'm gonna have for them is pain. Pain and death."
  • (William Forsythe) "From delusion lead me to truth, from darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to eternal life. Hallelujah. Are you feeling it brother?"
  • (William Forsythe) "What's going on, shit-heads?"
  • (Danny Trejo) "Sheriff --"
  • (William Forsythe) "Here's a list of names I need you to run down for me."
  • (Danny Trejo) "That's some funny-ass names. Haha."
  • (William Forsythe) "Yeah, look who's fuckin' talkin' "RONDO" --"
  • (William Forsythe) "Just let me know if anything connects."
  • (Diamond Dallas Page) "-- I'm sure it will. Shit always floats our way, don't it -- "Chief"?"
  • (William Forsythe) "Well, if you keep your mouth open wide enough maybe you'll catch it all -- don't fuck this up assholes."
  • (Danny Trejo) "Have fun scraping all them brains up off the road. Haha."

Ken Foree as Charlie Altamont

  • (Ken Foree) "You've got to hustle that pussy, baby. Find a new angle and you might attract a higher clientele."
  • (Ken Foree) "Okay, everybody in the peanut gallery, Simon says hands up."
  • (Elizabeth Daily) "He said put your fuckin' hands up."

Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby

  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "I love famous people. They're even better than the real thing, ya know?"
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Meow meow, here pussycat."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Woo hoo. I feel like we're all really getting to know each other now."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Chinese, Japanese, Dirty knees, look at these."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "What the fuck is this shit?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "You bring us all the way out here and this prick pulls a gun on us? Nice fuckin' plan, daisy."
  • (Sid Haig) "Just do it. He's a crazy, pig-fuckin' --"
  • (Ken Foree) "What you call me?"
  • (Sid Haig) "Well if you'd give me a chance, I was gonna call you a crazy, pig-fuckin', dumbass, pussy piece of shit."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Just in case anyone's interested, I think I'm gonna be wanting some ice cream in about 10 miles."
  • (Bill Moseley) ""I think I'm gonna be wanting some ice cream in about 10 miles.""
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Don't you fucking imitate me, it's fucking rude."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) ""I know what I know and I know I don't like that nut sack -- ""
  • (Bill Moseley) "Fuck you."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Fuck you."
  • (Sid Haig) "Two fucking seconds for the kid, is that gonna kill you?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Yes, it is going to kill me. I have calculated the time, and two seconds is the exact amount of time that is a hazard to my fucking health."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "What the fuck is your problem? I'm in and out in two seconds."
  • (Sid Haig) "You know? I think I'm gonna get me some tutti fucking fruity."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Tutti fucking fruity, that sounds good."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "You better make this next one FUCKING count."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Well Roy Sullivan, you gonna take me back to your room and play with me?"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "My wife's in that room."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Or is my brother going to have to shoot your fuckin' teeth outta your head?"
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "God dammit look at that jacket."
  • (Bill Moseley) "What?"
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "On TV."
  • (Bill Moseley) "What? Fuck the TV."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Fuck the TV? Fuck you."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Hey fuck you. Will you just keep your head in the business at hand here."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "So what do you wanna do?"
  • (Kate Norby) "Help."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "I knew that fucking cunt would do something stupid. Shut up. Open the fucking door. Open the goddamn door."
  • (Priscilla Barnes) "Hold it."
  • (Kate Norby) "Somebody help me."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "What are you gonna do? Shoot me? What did I ever really do to you?"
  • (Priscilla Barnes) "I swear I'll do it. I'll kill you."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Why would you wanna kill me? I'm your only hope. My brother's fucking crazy, you've seen him."
  • (Priscilla Barnes) "Wendy it's all right. Come on out."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Go ahead, shoot me. Shoot me right on the ass."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Stupid cunt. There ain't no bullets in this thing. It's all fucking mind power."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Shoot me. Shoot me right in the ass."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "You could go piss yourself for all I care. If you want special favours you gotta give me something in return."
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "I bet all the girls wanna fuck you."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Would you say that again?"
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "I bet all the girls wanna fuck you."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?"
  • (Sheri Moon Zombie) "Trust me, fella. That ain't the only thing I do with this mouth."

Robert Trebor as Marty Walker

  • (Robert Trebor) "That goddamn fucking Elvis Presley"
  • (William Forsythe) "What did you say about the King?"
  • (Robert Trebor) "I said he died three days before Grouch --"
  • (William Forsythe) "Son, if you ever say another derogatory word about Elvis Aron Presley in my presence again, I will kick the living shit out of you."

Michael Berryman as Clevon

  • (Michael Berryman) "Did you hear what he called me, Boss? I ain't no chicken fucker."

Lew Temple as Adam Banjo

  • (Lew Temple) "Please, mister. This is insane."
  • (Bill Moseley) "Boy, the next word that comes out of your mouth better be some brilliant fuckin' Mark Twain shit. 'Cause it's definitely getting chiseled on your tombstone."
  • (Lew Temple) "Please -- Stop --"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Stop? Bitch, I have just started."
  • (Lew Temple) "Where are you taking us?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Well I guess it wouldn't do no harm to tell you none, let's see ah, we're going to go dig up some guns I buried out here a couple of years ago."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Then what?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Well there ain't no what, that's the end of the road."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "What? -- your'e not gonna kill us are ya?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Killing sounds so permanent."

Dave Sheridan as Officer Ray Dobson

  • (Dave Sheridan) "You recognize the clown?"
  • (William Forsythe) "Yeah, his name is Spaulding. Captain 'fuckin' Spaulding."

Ginger Lynn Allen as Fanny

  • (Ginger Lynn Allen) "What? Are you calling me a whore?"
  • (Sid Haig) "I calls 'em like I sees 'em."

Geoffrey Lewis as Roy Sullivan

  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "You spend one second in that pen, and that bull will have his horn up your ass and sticking out your pecker."
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "Rodeo --"
  • (Geoffrey Lewis) "You're smoking dope."
  • (Brian Posehn) "Yeah- I mean no- not right now."

Elizabeth Daily as Candy

  • (Elizabeth Daily) "What you lookin' at?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "I'm lookin' at you, mama."
  • (Elizabeth Daily) "Yeah, you see something you like?"
  • (Bill Moseley) "Maybe. I set my standards pretty low, so I'm never disappointed."
  • (Elizabeth Daily) "Oh, well I don't disappoint."

Diamond Dallas Page as Billy Ray Snapper

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