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The Dark Crystal Quotes

The Dark Crystal is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . The Dark Crystal ended in 1970.

It features Trevor Jones (composer) in charge of musical score, and Oswald Morris as head of cinematography.

The Dark Crystal is recorded in English and originally aired in United States, and United Kingdom. Each episode of The Dark Crystal is 93 minutes long. The Dark Crystal is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Frank Oz as Aughra, Jim Henson as Jen, and Kathryn Mullen as Kira.

The Dark Crystal Quotes

Jim Henson as Jen

  • (Jim Henson) "Which one is it?"
  • (Frank Oz) "Don't know? MmmmmMmmmmah. Don't know? Listen, Gelfling, there is much to be learned. And you have no time."
  • (Jim Henson) "Where are we?"
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "Safe."
  • (Jim Henson) "I don't think anywhere is safe any more."
  • (Jim Henson) "Where is this Augrah? How does she look like? How will I find her? "Follow the Greatest Sun for a day to the home of Augrah" -- hmph. Some directions."
  • (Jim Henson) "Wings? You have wings. I don't have wings"
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "Of course not; you're a boy"
  • (Jim Henson) "The prophecy didn't say anything about this."
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "Prophets don't know everything."
  • (Jim Henson) "Dear, dear master. I'll find the shard. I'm not ready to go alone --"
  • (Jim Henson) "Alright. Alone then."
  • (Jim Henson) "Oh, Master, nothing is simple any more."
  • (Jim Henson) "Are you a Gelfling? Like me?"
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "Yes."
  • (Jim Henson) "I thought I was the only one."
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "I thought I was."
  • (Jim Henson) "When single shines the triple sun/What was sundered and undone/Shall be whole, the two made one/By gelfling hand or else by none."
  • (Jim Henson) "I wish I'd never heard of this shard."

Frank Oz as Aughra

  • (Frank Oz) "End, begin, all the same. Big change. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad."
  • (Frank Oz) "Where is he?"
  • (Jim Henson) "He's dead."
  • (Frank Oz) "Could be anywhere, then."
  • (Frank Oz) "Kira. Call the animals. You have the gift."
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "Kahmalaiah. Ah. Ah. Ah."
  • (Frank Oz) "What was sundered and undone shall be whole; the two made one."
  • (Frank Oz) "Mouldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle and death."
  • (Frank Oz) "Ya look like Gelfling --"
  • (Frank Oz) "SMELL like Gelfling --"
  • (Frank Oz) "maybe y'ARE Gelfling."

Kathryn Mullen as Kira

  • (Kathryn Mullen) "What's writing?"
  • (Jim Henson) "Words that stay. My master taught me."
  • (Kathryn Mullen) "Heal the Crystal."

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